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You have been a 49ers fan since...

You have been a 49ers fan since...

Spent a week in training camp every summer from 71-75, in Gollita (UCSB)
Been a fan since I was able to understand da game of football. So since about 87, 88. Would've been early 80's to but I was to young to understand & b n to it. Go niners!
Been a Niner fan since the day I was born in 1953, My mom taught me well, she would jump up, yell amd scream with every big play. Today at 82 she is still yelling and screaming, rooting the team on... GO MOM, GO NINERS...
my dad introduced football to me in '02 and i thanked him for that
Since 1960. There was alot of long seasons before the 80's but I've never given up on my Niners. Every time there has been a bad year like the last 10 I just go back and look at the films of the 80's and it gets me going again.I really like what Harbaugh is doing with this team and it reminds me of when Bill Walsh came in and started to turn this team around.
My first memories of professional football were Joe Montana's rookie year. Talk about being blessed.
Uh oh. I'm in the 4%. Dammit, I got old!
From this moment on.... My whole family were big Niner fans, but I was being a little butt and trying to be different and like another team...(Will never say which team)... But after this, I straightened right up!

That's a 5-year-old me meeting steve young in december 1989! I don't know the exact day, sometime late in the month, but Steve Young was doing a pro-mo for some shoes in a mall in downtown SF, no idea why he'd be doing that in the middle of the season, which mall, what shoes ex... That's all I know. If ANYONE knows more about that It would be AMAZING info for me.

Some lady got in the way of the greatest moment in my LIFE!

...Lay off the acid-wash jeans... and the christmas sweater...
I was 4 years old it was 1984 from that day I never missed a game and Joe Montana will always be my favorite athlete of all time and a hero to me. My father is a HUGE NY Giants fan because my family is from NY. (can't wait to watch the game with him this year) He asked me my favorite team at 4 years old and I think I picked them because they sounded cool. Needless to say the 49er addiction hit me quick and even through the last 10 years have been tough, I kept believing. My friends I think and hope our day has finally come>>> Alex Smith worries me still but I think hes finally growing and I hope he can lead our team and make SMART decisions that will win us ball games in the future. He will never hold Joe's jock strap but he could lead us in a different way. A way I see our team finally playing with and that's HEART and a belief that on any given Sunday when you play us, your gonna get beat up and get a 110%!!!!!

Born in 67 and in my dads house it was be a niner fan or get out! Glad i stuck around cause those 80's were great. Its funny cause my kids have watched me suffer as i watched my father suffer through the late 70's. Hopefully they will get to enjoy the 2011-2021's as i enjoyed the 80-90's. Go Niners!!!
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what, no kezar era fans on the WZ?

Maybe, it's because this thread/question, has been presented to The Zone before ...
Well, not maybe; actually. I don't know if you did, but a search would have revealed

If you did search, sometimes your wording has to be altered, in order to gather a proper

BTW, I still voted ... since April 1981

I posted it mainly 'cos of the anticipated influx of bandwagon fans imminent...

Gotcha' ... I wasn't trying to police. Basically answering the question you posed.
It's all Good
since 79
Since John Taylor's catch in the Super Bowl.... 89 I think..
1971-1975 baby!!!!!

Born n raised in the Mission District at 24th and Hampshire. Throwing Nerfs from telephone pole to telephone pole pretending to be Brodie and Plunkett, then DeBerg. By the time Joe rolled around, I was living in SacTown playing with real footballs. My Dad turned me on to football. I would sit with him during MNF and sing "Turn out the lights, the party's over." I even had a swig of my Dad's Olympia beer if we won especially back in the mid 70s. A win was a precious thing. I only learned later the significance of the playofffs in 70-71 against Dallas.

I have seen the bad times for this team, twice now. The mid 70s and mid 00s sucked! We're getting back on top just like 81', thirty years later. As the NFL world turns...

"Going go round in circles. Going to fly high like a bird up in the sky."

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