Annual Len Eshmont Award

The Eshmont Award, the 49ers most prestigious annual honor, has been given each year to the Niner who best exemplifies the "inspirational and courageous play" of Len Eshmont. A player from the original 1946 Forty Niners' team, Eshmont coached at Navy and Virginia, following his playing days with the 49ers. Eshmont died in 1957.

Listed below are the 49ers' annual Len Eshmont Award winners since its inception in 1957:

1957 QB Y.A. Tittle
1958 FB Joe Perry
1959 HB J.D. Smith
1960 S Dave Baker
1961 DT Leo Nomellini
1962 DE Dan Colchico
1963 T Bob St. Clair
1964 DT Charlie Krueger
1965 QB John Brodie
1966 HB John David Crow
1967 HB John David Crow
1968 LB Matt Hazeltine
1969 CB Jimmy Johnson
1970 S Roosevelt Taylor
1971 LB Ed Beard
1972 DE Tommy Hart
1973 S Mel Phillips
1974 T Len Rohde
1975 CB Jimmy Johnson
1976 DE Tommy Hart
1977 S Mel Phillips
1978 RB Paul Hofer
1979 RB Paul Hofer
1980 DT Archie Reese
1981 TE Charle Young
1982 WR Dwight Clark
1983 RB/ST Bill Ring
1984 LB Keena Turner
1985 FB Roger Craig
1986 QB Joe Montana
1987 WR Jerry Rice
1988 NT Michael Carter
RB Roger Craig
1989 QB Joe Montana
1990 DE Kevin Fagan
LB Charles Haley
1991 WR John Taylor
1992 QB Steve Young
1993 WR Jerry Rice
1994 QB Steve Young
1995 FB William Floyd
1996 DT Bryant Young
1997 DT Dana Stubblefield
1998 DT Bryant Young
1999 DT Bryant Young
2000 DT Bryant Young
2001 RB Garrison Hearst
2002 SS Tony Parrish
2003 LB Julian Peterson
2004 DT Bryant Young
2005 DT Bryant Young
2006 DT Bryant Young
2007 DT Bryant Young
2008 WR Isaac Bruce
2009 TE Vernon Davis
2010 LB Takeo Spikes
2011 DE Justin Smith
2012 DE Justin Smith
2013 LB NaVorro Bowman
2014 RB Frank Gore

Annual Bobb McKittrick Award

The Bobb McKittrick Award was established in 1999 in honor of the 49ers long time offensive line coach. The award is given annually to the 49ers offensive lineman who best represents the courage, intensity and sacrifice displayed by Coach McKittrick during his 21 years of service with the 49ers.

Listed below are the 49ers' annual Bobb McKittrick Award winners since its inception in 1981:

1981 Keith Fahnhorst
1983 John Ayers
1984 Randy Cross
1985 Fred Quillan
1986 Keith Fahnhorst
1987 Bubba Paris
1988 Steve Wallace
1989 Harris Barton
1990 Guy McIntyre
1991 Jessie Sapolu
1992 Guy McIntyre
1993 Harris Barton
1994 Derrick Deese
1995 Kirk Scrafford
1996 Jesse Sapolu
1997 Ray Brown
1998 Chris Dalman
1999 Ray Brown
2000 Jeremy Newberry
2001 Ray Brown
2002 Scott Gragg
2003 Jeremy Newberry
2004 Kyle Kosier
2005 Jeremy Newberry
2006 Eric Heitmann
2007 Eric Heitmann
2008 Eric Heitmann
2009 David Baas
2010 David Baas
2011 Jonathan Goodwin
2012 Anthony Davis
2013 Alex Boone
2014 Joe Staley

Annual Bill Walsh Award

The Bill Walsh Award is presented to the team's most valuable player by vote of the 49ers' coaches. Bill Walsh coached the 49ers from the 1979 season through the 1988 season (final game was in 1989) winning three Super Bowls and compiling a record of 102-63-1.

Listed below are the 49ers' annual Bill Walsh Award winners since its inception in 2004:

2004 DT Bryant Young
2005 K Joe Nedney
LB Derek Smith
2006 RB Frank Gore
CB Walt Harris
2007 CB Nate Clements
LB Patrick Willis
2008 DE Justin Smith
2009 LB Patrick Willis
2010 RB Frank Gore
2011 DT Justin Smith
2012 LB Aldon Smith
2013 WR Anquan Boldin
2014 S Antoine Bethea