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You have been a 49ers fan since...

You have been a 49ers fan since...

wongway9erfan!! I was at that game as well. We used to be able to get good Kezar seats on game day. If I remember correctly, even with Marshall's help, the Niners still actually lost that game. What I remember most about being a kid fan in the 60's is John Brodie. He'd be limping off the field with blood on his face on Sunday and the next day he'd be out at Harding shooting a 72 or something like that. The guy was amazing. He had a rocket arm, he took massive punishment every Sunday, and he could still shoot scratch golf on his day off during the season.
Got to hand it to you young guns. Hopefully we'll keep this thing going.
Originally posted by IWasWrongRubber:
You didn't take your Melatonin Plus, and I didn't drink enough gin to knock me out through the night.

Life sucks for both of us.

Don't know if you like bourbon or not, but if you do, you should try Basil Hayden, it is some of the best I have ever had, and I have been drinking bourbon for 22+ years.
This looks like it's going to be a season where long time 49er fans are going to be rewarded for there patience.
Can't really say how long. I've been off and on. When they lose, I'm not a fan. When they win, I put my flags up on my car and walk around in my 80's satin Starter jacket. I have an Andrew Smith #11 jersey that I got a few years ago in 2007 because it was pretty popular, but I stopped wearing it when people were booing me on the street. I was a fan of Singleton for a little bit because Nolin wasn't a good coach I heard. I like the new guy Harbo because he's good in front of the camera. Did we win yesterday?
1970 First game.
Every since they picked up O.J. Simpson, solidified when they signed Russ Francis and the Chargers traded away John Jefferson.
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Reading this thread makes feel oooold, and like a youngin.
I moved to Denver the year they played the 49ers in the Super Bowl, I hated Denver so I alone rooted for the 49ers, this was 2nd grade and I was also the new kid.
Very nice performance art, HaiGuise. Hilarious.

1968...we just moved back to home (stockton) after spending 3 years in Australia where my dad was working....i was 8 and got some niners football cards---had great prospecter logos on them, old timer with gun in one hand, pan in other---jimmy johnson, dave wilcox charlie krueger and john brodie are cards i remember getting--they became team right then
Andrew Smith
I lived in San Francisco 1990-1994, moved to Wisconsin in '94 right as the 49ers rivalry with the Green Bay Packers was really heating up. I was in third grade, needless to say all the kids where I lived were Cheeseheads. I wasn't happy to move so I clung to the 49ers as a connection to "home." Been a big fan ever since. Even though I have spent the last 10 years between Virginia/Maryland/Georgia (I'm currently in the military).
since i was born in 92 wearing my RICE shirt
Originally posted by Kolohe:
I've been a fan since 1984 when I first started playing termite football.

termite football?

1990 here.
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