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You have been a 49ers fan since...

You have been a 49ers fan since...

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First game I ever remember watching. I was 9 years old. Sure I jumped on the bandwagon, but ive stayed there and faithful despite being across the country.
I have been a die hard fan since April 17th, 1983.....The day I was born.
Super Bowl XXIII was the first Niner game I ever watched and hadn't really watched much football before then. Was hooked from there out.
Born December 31st 1988, Dad showed me the Steve Young miracle run when I was 5, i've been hooked ever since. Anyone tries to say i'm a bandwagoner, i'll just show them my second grade class photo. Everyone is dressed all fancy, i'm standing there in my Young jersey
born in 90. grew up a 49ers fan(whole family is from the city) and really got into the 49ers in 2001
Super Bowl XXIX was the first Super Bowl party I went to! I was 7. Go Niners!
I was born in 78, I've been a 49er fan since I can remember. I even remember crying when the niners lost to pittsburgh in 84 to ruin their perfect season! I was six!
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1994 (technically '95).... I became a fan after they won the Super Bowl over the Chargers, bragged in school the next day (everyone was talking about them). I felt pretty bad ass for a 9 year old back then
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Since 1918


First Game I really remember is Steve Young throwing the winning TD to T.O.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Born in 67. Grew up with Cedrick Hardman and the Gold Rush. My first 49er game was at the Stick on the concrete astro-turf. Bill Walsh came along when I was 12 and they won Superbowl 16 when I was a HS Frosh in Sonoma County.
1980. My Dad told me the 49ers would be good under Bill Walsh. In their SB year, I believe there would be blackouts and you'd have to watch replays of the game at night. He stayed up late at night watching a loss to Cleveland. Dedicated fan.

I used to have an old SF Chronicle with either Ira Miller or Glen Dickey saying they would challenge for the playoffs in the next few years under Montana IF they can shore up their DBs. 1981 came Lott, Wright and Williamson.

Then Fred Dean as their pass rush specialist.
Born in 84' fan since 89'
first game i ever watched was superbowl XXIV...been a diehard fan ever since...i mean i watch cody pickett and chris weinke start games for the 49ers. that's dedication...
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