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Should be an entertaining series...
Hells yea!!! GO BULLS!!!

This will be a good one, you think the Heat could have been emotionally spent after the series with the C's?
fcuk Opera. we needed that extra day off
The last time I watched basketball was when the Kings had Stojakavic (probably spelled wrong), Bibby, Webber, Divac, etc...

Last time before that were the glory days of Jordan, Pippen, and Rodman. Always liked the Bulls because of those fellas.

That said though, if they make it to the Finals, I may catch a little of it, even though I'm not a huge basketball fan. GO BULLS!
D-Rose vs. D-Bags
Originally posted by LA9erFan:
D-Rose vs. D-Bags

Miami in 6
I hope D-Rose blows those fools up!!!!!! however Heat in 6
I think the Heat are spent, the celtics were lebrons big moment and the bulls locked the Heat down in the regular season, even though this is the playoffs I think the bulls have real shot to take this series

The Heat will win.
Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
The Bulls will win.

Your totally right and i did not fix your post in case you see something out of place
Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
The Heat will win.
Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
The Heat will win one game.

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How different would the playoffs have played out if the following happened?

LeBron & Amar`e to the Knicks

D. Williams & Carmelo to the Nets

Wade & Boozer to the Bulls

If the Bulls keep the Heat at a 88-90 pt average they have a shot, but I think their weakness in the backcourt (SG) may hurt em.
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