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Greatest Athlete of All Time (Pol)

Greatest Athlete of All Time (Pol)

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Originally posted by 9erfanAUS:
Originally posted by 49ersMyLife:
Originally posted by modninerfan:
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Originally posted by global_nomad:
Originally posted by modninerfan:
1. Michael Jordan
2. Jerry Rice
3. Michael Phelps
4. Muhammed Ali
5. Carl Lewis
6. Jim Thorpe (this dude did everything)
7. Diego Maradonna
8. Wayne Gretzky
9. Pele
10. Mark Spitz

how could you put Phelps above Ali? Ali's #1 for me, and Jordan #2.

What did Ali do to rate the #1 greatest athlete of all time? He lost on more than one occasion to guys he was favored to beat. Now I am not saying Ali wasnt a great figher but # 1 all time among all athletes ever? I dont see that.

What is wrong about this list is that there isnt a baseball player on it. A bit of a bias dont you think? Babe Ruth and Willie Mays should absolutley be on a list over a boxer and 2 swimmers.

When you look at everything that goes into being a great athlete Jim Thorpe probably should be #1.

An olympic swimmer is a far superior athlete than a baseball player... Willie Mays probably wouldnt even show up till the 20's on my list and considering how there are thousands of terrific athletes around the world its really not a big deal that he didnt crack my top ten. You wont see Mario Andretti, Tiger Woods or any cricket players on my top ten list either.

The problem with a poll like this, is that its all a matter of opinion. You could ask this question in Austria and I doubt Jerry Rice or Jim Brown would even come up in the discussion.

Good stuff

However, nothing beats Adam Dale's catch. I have fond memories of seeing it as a kid.

#2 clip:


That's one hell of a catch.
Michael Jordan is easily the biggest (American) sports icon of all time. but that doesn't make him the best athlete of all time.
Kelly Slater hands down.
Bo Jackson.
Bo jackson
Originally posted by maximill15:
Bo jackson

Bo is a great athlete.

What about Deion Sanders. Baseball, football, track. Dude walked onto the track team and one the races to get FS a national championship. In the same year won the baseball and football championship. Nobody has ever done that.
Let me add Babe Zaharias and Eddy Merckyx (sp) to the list.

If not yet mentioned.
Jordan isn't even the best NBA player of all-time.
Originally posted by Bluefalcon61:
Let me add Babe Zaharias and Eddy Merckyx (sp) to the list.

If not yet mentioned.

Questions still exist about Eddy possibly using performance enhancing drugs.

Babe Zaharias did everything. Track and Field, baseball, golf, etc.
Originally posted by AC49er:
Jordan isn't even the best NBA player of all-time.

give me a break man

Originally posted by LA9erFan:
Originally posted by TheSixthRing:
In terms of dominating their sports statistical categories, I don't think anyone touches what Gretzky accomplished.

I think Jerry does, especially relative to his era.

The man set the single season TD rec. record in 12 games. nuff said.
Originally posted by AC49er:
Jordan isn't even the best NBA player of all-time.

let me guess, youre one of those people who likes to argue about things, so you make the "Bill Russell" case whenever people talk about Jordan.

Michael Jordan literally picked up a franchise, put them on his back, and won 6 straight NBA Championships solely because he was there. they probably wouldve had 8 in a row if he didnt take those 2 seasons off.

alot of these players people love to argue were the best of all time, played in much less athletic eras. The could dominate people back before there was players who could jump out of the gym.

Im a Utah Jazz fan. i cant stand Michael Jordan. he screwed up 2 Jazz titles, and ive always found his arrogant personality off-putting. But the people who try and say he wasnt the best basketball player either didnt see him play, or has already forgotten just how dominant he was.
1. Me
2. Everyone else
3. Valrod
Originally posted by dobo:
1. Me
2. Everyone else
3. Valrod

Where's the Brian Scalabrine option?
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