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What were some of the offensive difference that you saw against the Bears?

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Receivers being hit in stride

Yup , this was the difference , giving our playmakers chances to make YAC was what made our offense so deadly last night , this is what 49ers football is about , it was good to see it on a national stage

Like the Cardinals game on MNF??
We spread out with 5 wide and I was like
I think Kaep did a good job at hitting receivers in stride and was extremely accurate with his throws. He had a clean pocket most of the night so the offensive line played alot better than they have been. Not to discount what Kaep or the Niners did but the Bears admitted to expect to a play a conservative offense and were shocked at how agressive the paycalling was early on with Kaep in. Niners formations really confused them and they could not adjust. I think Kaep took a big step last night but I still think Alex should be the starter because when it comes playoff time he has the experience from last year that could be the difference.
We didn't suck??
I've seen us have a few games where our pass protection was decent. The difference was CK. Ball placement, movement in the pocket, and taking advantage of a team that was preparing to shut down the run. There really wasn't much difference in the play calling. Also, deep ball accuracy which will pull those safeties deeper as the game progresses. In many ways, CK represents the full potential of this offense (in terms of the passing game).

I am an Alex Smith supporter and although I feel we would've beaten the Bears pretty good, I see more of a 20 - 7 game as opposed to 32-7 if Smith played.
1. QB that throws spirals
2. QB that throws downfield
3. QB that trusts his reads and ability

Seriously, Kaep is the MAN. Ive backed Alex his entire career, through all the crap sent his way from different HCs, OCs, and about half of the Niner faithful. This time is different. Kaep is a better QB in all phases; he does things Alex just cant do. I dont think Alex could have completed ANY of the passes Kaep made in the first half of the Bears game. No controversy here. And Alex is still a good QB, but Kaep has special ability.
Consistent threat down the field.
I honestly thought the gameplan was very much of the same. Anything Kaep did, I've seen Alex do; throw deep (NO game, Buffalo game, etc), throw in stride (AZ game, etc); including overthrowing wide open receivers (VD on 2 passes that I can recall right off the bat). Is Kaep a little more willing to throw into triple coverage? Yes, but that's a dicey one. When you hit it, it's great. When you don't, you're a goat, and cause the team to lose due to turnovers. Alex only does that when the team is behind or when the game is on the line, and they absolutely need a score. Otherwise, he'll err on the side of caution, especially if the game is close, or if we're up.

As the team is saying, we're lucky that we have 2 QB's who can execute a gameplan. We certainly did have a few throws in the game plan that were more to Kaep's strength (the deep out down the sideline); but we didn't have the throws that were Alex's strength (seam route down the middle). The biggest difference, as one poster mentioned, was that we "Had a vertical passes element for the first time all season....6 plays of the ball traveling at least 20 yards in the air before it touches the receiver". The roll out to the left and TD throw to Crabtree was the one throw I think Alex would not make, given that in itself is a Kaep specialty. If you watch the video where Trent Baalke highlights to the media why he drafted Kaep last year (he can roll left, and throw right handed better than anyone:

I, for one, agree with Frank Gore. If Alex had been in the game, Alex would have had a great game as well. Our game plan and scheme destroyed the Bears, so long as the QB, regardless of who it was, could execute it.
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No check downs lol
Originally posted by sincalfaithful:
We spread out with 5 wide and I was like

lol.... Me tooo!

Kaepernick wasn't a coward and made some throws into tight windows/coverage. Alex doesn't have the balls to do that.
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No check downs lol

He should've checked down to Manningham in the redzone before he got sacked by 2 guys.
Gunslinger on the trigger, not a technician.
that 57 yard pass to Williams...
What I liked the most was Kaepernick standing in, pass rush bearing down right on him, and getting the ball out in a hurry without even flinching. He played like he had ice water in his veins and his jimmies were thoroughly unrustled. That's a trait that great quarterbacks have, and some not-so great such as Romo, but still pretty good. The focus and concentration to keep looking around the field to get the ball to your receiver even with pressure coming right at you.
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