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Poll: Peyton or Alex?

Poll: Peyton or Alex?

I'm no GM, but I would have to think that the visit to Peyton was just a matter of inquiry more so than one of true interest. Not to say that they wouldn't nab Peyton, but I don't think they steer away from their mindset of not selling the farm to attain a player through free agency.
Whatever way this thing plays out one thing is certain, Alex Smith has been marginalized.
Dude no way does Peyton run the naked bootleg on 3rd and long to pick up a TD!!!!....wait but Peyton probably would have tossed a TD where only his receiver could get a few play earlier...meaning the days of depending Alex and his legs are irrelevant, with a QB who can and will throw into tight windows, our WR's will look a lot better...Sorry Alex, but Peyton got skills!
Originally posted by D-Money:
hahah people are retarded, actually voting for Alex Smith, damn man straight stupid.

r u serious? have you ever watched a full fourty niner game???? if you did; WTF r u seeing.???
SMITH is going to be the niners QB for the comming years until he retires. WR were always the issue i said it before 2011 and in 2010.... Crabtree isn't the full answer... the niners have no WR's..

THe only reason the niners are pushing for Manning is so that Smith can sign a cheaper contract with the niners out of fear of being replaced because Smith's AGENT is PEyton Mannings agent.

Also the niners are bluffing topush the price for manning up so that the CARDINALS don't get manning.

Simple Political Economics.. brah.

I mean yea manning would be excelent for business ... ESPN and NBC and NIKE Yahoo GOOGLE would be all on the fourty niners with endorsments for manning...and manning would sell tickets ..because at the end of the day football is a business.
I mean it would be - Peyton Manning ran Jim H. out of town.... then Jim H.'s Disciple LUCK would overthrow Manning ... NOW Manning aligns with Jim H. to get back at JIm H's evil disciple.

but it can't happen... Manning simply cost too much.. is old... injury prone...not a WEST COAST GUY....
Smith is a superb Balanced QB(like chad pennington) that would make Arizona,San Diego,Tennesee,MIA a better team...
Top 5 quarterback of all time or Alex Smith? Some of you guys are crazy. You take Peyton Manning! Kaepernick can learn behind Peyton. Could it be a better situation?

hey CHAD PENNINGTON was second to Manning for MVP in 2008. ....

really guys..we are guaranteed a super bow by just signing Wallace or lloyd...and picking up a legit guard. then trade 2013 1st draft pick(because we are going to pick last anywase) for another key player.
So when manning breaks his neck this year, even with the "I might break my neck so I'll you out of my contract" clause, who runs the offense? Kap? So we go thru another " 7 years of building a QB" pains? No thanks. I'll take Alex.
Would be comfortable with either one. Peyton Manning won the SB with the Colts. He also has to prove to me that he can win a SB with Niners with an iffy neck injury. Last time I checked even the great Montana couldn't win it with another team. Just like Alex Smith has to prove to me that he can get us back to and past the Championship game and the SB. They are both good choices. Now can we get more receivers please...
Adrianna Lima or Ellen Degeneress
As of this posting 34% of 122 people have voted for Alex Smith.

41 people on the Webzone are retarded strong.

Originally posted by ChazBoner:
Adrianna Lima or Ellen Degeneress

Originally posted by verb1der:
Peyton Manning vs Alex Smith.

Proof that The End of Days is truly near
Originally posted by PatrickWillisHOF:
Top 5 quarterback of all time or Alex Smith? Some of you guys are crazy. You take Peyton Manning! Kaepernick can learn behind Peyton. Could it be a better situation?

why do people like kapernick..?? have you ever seen him play when he was in nevada... he was decent... i think REX GROSSMAN was better than Cappernick. Tolzien stands a better chance...Kapernick doens't even have the charisma of a leader...he's a D Bag. NATE DAVIS would of been the solution... i'd rather trade capernick for pat white...and let pat white learn under manning (hypothetically speaking).
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Taking the impact their respective contract will have on us? Alex every time.
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Manning for the initial $12M per year report would be ideal, then bump it up the "18-20M per year" from the second report. That way with the extra cap space we could still sign Brandon Lloyd or something lol.
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