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49ers and why they will beat GB

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Out of almost 50 Super Bowls, you're able to name a whopping 2 nobodies who QB'd the winning team. Think about that.

Top flight QBs win the majority of championships.

I'd put Eli in that group, throwing the ball up for grabs the whole game. Roethlisberger was terrible in his first Super Bowl, the defense and running game carried him. Frank Reich, Mark Rypien, Doug Williams, and you could probably lump Plunkett, Theismann, and Bradshaw in there as game managers that won on the strength of defense and a strong running game too.
Brady was a game manager for the first 2 superbowls.

Phil Simms too.
Right now I don't think we could beat Green Bay but by the end of the year in the playoffs, who knows? The 49ers are improving week to week and Packers have yet to have any adversity.

a). One game at a time

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I think the 49er defense/special teams can hold Green Bay under 30 points. The question will be if the 49ers can score 30 points to win the game. If we take the Giants game as an example, we scored 27 and were trying to hold on to a lead. If we had to drive for more points, I think it is definitely doable.
Sorry about that,

b). We can beat them BUT they have been playing in that system for over 5 years. We have been in our for less than 1. We need to get better.

c). Beating the Giants fair & square was a big step in that goal.
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a). One game at a time


I like this comment better

Tacit, subtle, straight to the point
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How about we take the necessary steps into getting in a game between us and the Pack. Depending on our finishing record that could mean 1 or 2 playoff wins before facing them.

Let's be a little humble here guys

Let our players be humble let the fans fantasize. That is probably why it's called FANtasize.
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Would be interesting to find out if we could. All I know is Aaron Rodgers would tear up our secondary if we can't manage to put pressure on him. And Sopoaga and Staley would be getting a couple of catches in this game if we were to stay in it, Harbaugh would have to take out all the tricks from his hat.
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The 49ers defense doesn't even remotely compare to those defenses. They are #11 overall. For as much flack the Packers defense gets its only giving up 20 PPG and are ranked #12 in that category. They've never been any worse than average in that regard the entire season. Eli Manning is better than Alex Smith. The 49ers haven't even played an elite QB this year. Green Bay's played two. Its all about the QBs.

Who are the two elite QBs? Drew Brees and, I don't see anyone else.
This. If there's a second elite QB on Green Bay's schedule so far, then the 49ers have played 4 elite QB's: Romo, Vick, Stafford, and Eli, as Rivers, Ryan, Newton, and Cutler are definitely not elite this season.
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This game if we meet is starting to remind me of the NYG/ NE SB everyone said pats where unbeatable and NY def won that game with eli as a game manager. we are looking like the ravens/tampa/NYG super bowl winning teams. they all faced good offences and won. Defence wins championships

Well, here is the problem with that argument.... our defense isn't THAT good. Our front 7 is the best in the NFL, but our DBs get torched by any decent QB. We need improved CB play from T. Brown and Culliver if we are going to beat GB.

Sure would be nice if Spencer would return to form.

To beat them we would need to play our game and eat up the clock and get a couple of stops. I noticed that HB struggled against the Rams when they played bump and run coverage in the second half of the game. I think we have better defensive backs than the Rams do. Their passing game is largely timing based and if you are good enough to disrupt that timing you can cause them problems. If the Rams can hold them to 24 points, shutting them out in the second half, we should be able to hang with them.
First off, I'm just worried about beat the Cards, BUT If January does give us a date with the Pack, it'll take a HECK of a game. They are beatable, but Crabs and Edwards will have to out-muscle Woodson who bumps people all the way down the field and for some reason NEVER gets a flag thrown on him. We'll also need to limit the number of "WOW" passes by Rodgers. Gotta hit him early and often,even if we don't get the sack, Just like the Giants in the SB against Brady!
I think the secondary would get seriously exposed - particularly Terrel Brown. Brown always seems to let defenders get behind him. He rarely turns around for the ball and he constantly finds himself reacting rather than reading or jamming the WR at the LOS. If we had Shawnte Spencers of 2010, it wouldn't be a question that the secondary would be much improved. I so wish Spencer would come back and play. Culliver is young and sometimes that youth will get you exposed against a vet QB who can place the ball anywhere. The Pack has more speed at WR than the Giants.

The only chink in the armor is their OL. However, our first priority in the off season is a starting LCB. Doesn't need to be shutdown, but needs to good. I would also look into having yet another pass-rusher on that DL because it's clear our guys are getting gassed.

A big part of that is on the offense also. Your D doesn't have to play as hard in the 4th if you're cashing in TDs vs FGs.
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How about we earn the right to play them first, then we can talk about our chances of beating them. There is a lot of season left, plus playoffs...hell one injury to Rogers or Smith and the whole conversation changes.

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That just shows how much you know about football

It just shows how much he watches ESPN, and not the actual Niner games.
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