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John Taylor Thread

Man, JT would always have great games against the Rams i remember and in big games. One of my alltime favorite 49ers! I guess they just dont make WR's like they used too.
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Glad I was able to see him play against the Rams in 95(my first 49er game). Norton scored 2 TD, Rice 1. Actually think Taylor scored the first TD from Grbac. Dang can't remember. But regardless one of my favorite 49ers. Definately showed up on gameday

Taylor also threw the pigskin

Hey thanks for this. This was a great first game for me. Lucky for me I wore my Ken Norton jersey to this game. Got to meet him afterwards and the next 3 seasons. Man this really brought back a damn good day in my life.
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John Taylor cost us 4 super bowls titles and I hate him for it now 20 years later.

Really? You have a good memory. I was still young at the time but I've always felt JT was always dependable. I always felt bad for him because he was in Jerry's shadow and would've been more known had he been in another team. Other than Tim Brown, I've always thought he was the most underrated WR.
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