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Post Game Analysis (vs. Philladelphia Eagles)

there a team that is just missing something. that one play here or there. Yes it's time to move on and get a new QB. i think next year there is a new Head Couch and QB. I only hope if there is a new Head Couch he is an offensive guy that can run the offense.



Don't tell me who to blame I blame who I want. Blame Everyone but most of all I blame Smith, Singletary, Yorks and the curse of Jimmy Raye
Originally posted by ninerbrand:
Smith's fumble was terrible. but if gore doesn't f**k up twice, and nedney makes his field goal. we win.

I have one for you.....

If Jason Peters, Ashante Samuel, Michael Vick, Trent Cole, McCoy with healthy ribs and Brodrick Bunckley are all healthy amongst other Philly players, they probably beat the ever living s**t out of us.......

Niner fans do not forget, Philly, limped into Candlestick on a half a leg and even less then that by games end, and still beat us in our own backyard!!!!

There is nothing!!!!!! f**kING NOTHING, positive to take from this game.. NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I'll admit -- his two fumbles didn't help. But Smith killed us again with two picks AND a ridiculous fumble that was returned for a TD.

Blame lies with Smith -- although Gore didn't do us no favors.

I'm happy though. Alex time is over. The nightmare is finally at an end.

You're a disgrace of a fan. You're glad that our team lost because you dislike 1 player, and then you blame that player for this teams 9 million mistakes. GO be a raiders fan. You are one of the WORST fans of ANY sports teams I HAVE EVER SEEN. Real fans don't root for their teams to lose. GTFO.

hahahahah agreed! tear that fake ass fan down lol

No. No. He's a real fan! He's just booing the team to do better. Force of will.

Two hundred yard receivers.

Alex Smith 300 yards?

GET RID OF HIM! Put Carr in. That'll solve the teams woes.

Hope for the best, plan for the worst. Play AS or Carr, who gives a s**t, neither are the answer at QB....and hope for the best.

Meanwhile, back at the's time to plan for a future without AS or Carr as a starter. Pretty damn simple, really.

Carr would be nice if we're gunning for Andrew Luck.

Singeltary's fault we didn't get McNabb. But I can't imagine a compelling argument that would convince me any of the other QBs offer a better chance to win -- and I don't root to lose... unlike some fans.

This team sucks so f**kin bad not even McNabb could help them. We gotta clean house.

Do you have a career yet? If not, mark talent evaluator/GM off your list.

This team doesn't need to "clean house", a few strategic moves and this team is turned around.
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alexcuse #1263

Fakefan #1263

hahahha yeah just another fake ass fan go somewhere else tool
Just to be clear:

Alex 1st INT - took a shot down the field on 2nd and 12 (after o-line penalty), Ginn enver finds it in the air, piked off. Result was better than a punt, which was a pretty good possibility if that pass is incomplete, looking at 3erd and 12.

Alex fumble - This was a bad play, but for some reason the announcers ignored the fact that as Alex went to throw the Blitz read pass to Davis, he FELL DOWN. So Alex pulls it in and is then running for his life, trying to make a play. Better blocking, or VD staying vertical, and it works out OK. As it is, big mistake, bad result.

Alex 2nd INT - No blocking, hit as he throws, ball flutters high. This is unavoidable when a guy comes free and hits a QB as he throws.

Other than these 3 plays Alex was terrific, and the first one I wasn't the least bit annoyed about. The last 2 are equally on the O-line, who were terrible on a lot of plays. Add in a bad running game, as usual (under 3 yards per carry) and 2 drive-killing fumbles, plus a missed 40-yarder, and I think its safe to look away from Alex for the main cause of this loss.

The spread should be here to stay. Alex from the gun is something to deal with, and having Moran Norris in the game provides no positives. He cant run, catch, or block and is generally just in the way. Gore is better running and receiving out of the shotgun anyway. Just go with it already.
let dixon play rb, nate davis take over qb and fire singletary
this season is going down the drain

next wk, going to candlestick, i am wearing a brown bag over my head.
hopefully york gets the message!
The 49ers were playing against SCRUBS and they still couldn't win.

If they did win, it wouldn't be a very good accomplishment.

Since they lost, they are the toilet bowl of a team. Hopefully Carolina wins at least one game so that we get the first pick.
2 INTs and a fumble. f**k him.

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alexcuse #1263

Fakefan #1263

hahahha yeah just another fake ass fan go somewhere else tool

seriously fly get a f**king dictionary and look up the word excuse because u have no idea what the hell it means
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cant wait to hear the good news tomorrow morning: Alex Smith has been traded or benched
You guys that defend Alexis Smith are just god darn hilarious. He sucks and bottom line he is not a winner and never will be. Start tanking the season and better luck next year the hope is over!
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Agreed! It has been three years plus since I have posted on this because it seemed like we were beating a dead horse(we were not very good), but this year was the year I thought we had the division by proxy. The expectations were legitimate too. This team should be walking away with the division based on talent alone. The fact that we aren't shows me that QB is a huge must for this offseason...and that we whiffed on Vick and McNabb...and that we need a coach who understands his Xs and Os, a real GM and an owner who is up to hiring both.

Here's to a high draft pick!!!
I blame the entire f#@kin organization! Sale the f#@kin team Dorks! I'm so sick and tired of watching our team lose!
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