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Start Ted Ginn over Josh Morgan?

Wasn't there a Ginn on the '72 Dolphins team? Is that his pop?

Ultimately that could be why Miami drafted him. That and because he does offer speed and is a threat. If he works on his hands anyway. A couple of those catches in that vid could have been dropped by anybody though.

Let's put it this way, I could put together a YouTube video making Jerry look incompetent too. Doesn't mean it's true. I remember a guy tellin me one time that he wouldn't want Rice playing for his Broncos, cause he "runs like a truck". I know that wasn't true, just like I know that Ginn doesn't drop every pass.

I think that he just needs to play w/o pressure. Something he couldn't do in Miami because they been booing him since he was drafted. Sounds like some of our fans need to take a good long look in the mirror when it comes to showing positive support. I hope that none of our fans boo our players ever again. Oh it's going to happen, but would be nice if we could support our guys.

Maybe in certain sets, but for the most part, considering our desire to run the ball.. Morgan should get the majority of snaps.
Let me give my boy Josh Morgan for being a bright spot in yesterday's nightmare. Stop calling for him to be replaced as the no.2 receiver with inconsistent receivers on this roster. Other than the holding call (which is subjective) he caught most of Smith's ugly passes. Even when he got pushed out on a high throw in the endzone.

Delanie Walker gets props too.
Why not move VD out and put D-Love in at TE? You add speed, strength and more consistent catching.
I don't get it, fans here cry that the team doesn't have a game breaker.....well Ginn gave us a chance to get back in the game....he burnt his man and Alex under threw it.

sure Morgan was brave enough to Jump up for Alex's deadly throws....but its not like he was burning his man.....Morgan and Crabtree are both "possession receivers" basically WRs that are slow....that is a bad starting combination to have on the field...especially if you are trying to come from behind.

not saying Morgan shouldn't start (well, imo he shouldn't) but I understand why he does.....but still, Ginn should be used ALOT more.
Start Ziggy over Ginn!
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