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Start Ted Ginn over Josh Morgan?

Originally posted by tjd808185:
The problem I have with Morgan is he's a possession receiver. 10.1 yards per catch last season. He's Arnaz Battle part 2. You start him with Crabtree and you got the slowest receiving core in football. My personal opinion but I think we're better off with Ginn because he'll leave more room for Davis and Crabtree to operate. Build like the Saints. The Saints stuck with Devery Hendersen even though he was essentially Ted Ginn his first 3 seasons in the NFL.

I would be content with Crabtree, Morgan and Hill in the slot. Let them duke it out though, if Ginn can produce let him start. It'll be an interesting training camp for the WRs.
I think we can all agree Ginn is more talented then Morgan.

If you have a choice to draft Ginn of Morgan, your taking Ginn.

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I remember reading somewhere that the team wanted to interchange the WRs in the offense so that defenses couldn't zero in on just one position at Flanker, Spit-end and Slot. I know they want to move Crabtree all over the place. I can see Raye trying to get Ginn involved early to spread the D out by threatening to go over the top.

Right now, I expect Ginn to compete for the #3 spot as Morgan's blocking ability will keep him in at #2.
Originally posted by Ceadderman:
Originally posted by eric90clark:
actually a legitimate idea. tell u what. ima try it on madden and get back to you haha

Way to ingratiate yourself with the Vets n00b.

Good one.


haha Thanks Ceadder. Maybe one day when i mature into a full grown zoner, ill have half the post as you haha
Wouldn't be unlikely--Morgan has been unimpressive so far
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the only number 1 wr is crabtree then they will interchange morgan and ginn when they go to three wr's i think crabtree should be in the slot to move him around defenses are going to have to respect ginn's speed so we are going to throw him the ball deep to defensive coodinator's worried about him i think wr is one of our strongest positions they all work together so selfishness involved with our wr's it's going to be hard to defend our offense when smith spread's the ball around to crabtree morgan ginn davis gore it's going to be exciting to see this offense especially with our new offensive linemen, given smith more time to throw, let them battle it out in training camp it's only going to make them all better we still have brandon jones jason hill, wiliams
Originally posted by ZRF80:
We need: T.O.

Don't care how good he is the 49ers don't need a team killing drama king....

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I predict...
Crabtree will become the flanker with Morgan/Ginn sharing duties as the split end, Morgan starting, and Ginn coming in on 3rd downs, and mixing it up a bit with some series Ginn starting,
The right CB is going to have to deal with two different types of WR all day

Williams wins the rarely used slot position
Jones kept as backup flanker
Hill traded or released
Morgan is slow !!! Crab,Jones,Ginn

Morgan gets the edge because he is a better run blocker. Sounds stupid since he is a WR, but the 9ers made a plan this offseason of getting bigger and stronger. But I would love to see Ginn come into TC and win the job.
Originally posted by susweel:
Originally posted by eric90clark:
actually a legitimate idea. tell u what. ima try it on madden and get back to you haha

If it works in Madden its gotta work in the real life.

I don't understand all the hype in Josh Morgan. I understand he can block, but what else? lol

I'd definitely start Ginn over Morgan.
God...wats with all the dum@ss threads today.
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If he out performs Morgan then yes he should start over. But he shouldnt be given the spot
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