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Most hated Niner

PJ Fleck
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H Cortez that crappy kicker used to piss me off so bad...he couldn't even make extra point attempts half the time

Deion Sanders is a close 2nd

This is a personal attack.

Sorry you picked such a crappy log in name though not aimed at you....unless you are actually J Cortez which in that case, I hope you slip in the tub and break your neck upon impact.

also like to add m rumph, r woods, b williams
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Lawrence Phillips

Terrell Owens. He brought down our team and only cared about himself. Dropped passes, missed tackles and field goals happen; I believe that bringing down a team is the bigger issue here.
Wide F!#! Richie
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Terrell Owens. He brought down our team and only cared about himself. Dropped passes, missed tackles and field goals happen; I believe that bringing down a team is the bigger issue here.

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Adam Walker. 1995 Divisional game fumble. Actually, I can also go with Derrick Loville, AND Ricky Watters for leaving us. I still say we win two more Super Bowls with Ricky.
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Joe Thomas

Great call. I second that emotion.
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This and lets not forget about Brandon LLoyd.

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In no particular order, below is my list:

1.) Dennis Erickson - the man who was responsible for the 49ers hitting rock bottom in 2003 and 2004.

2.) The Entire 2003 49er Draft Class - these guys all suck and kept us from making the playoffs. Kwame Harris never grew any you know what during his time here. Brandon Lloyd reminded me of that scrub Clifford Franklin from the 2000 movie The Replacements. Arnaz Battle cost us the Houston game last season with his muffed punt. Ken Dorsey had a noodle arm.

3.) The Entire 2004 49er Draft Class (Excluding Shawntae Spencer, Isaac Sopoaga, and Andy Lee) - Rashaun Woods never had a passion to play in the NFL. Derrick Hamilton was focused on slam dunks instead of catching passes. Richard Seigler should have put his energy in football instead of running a prostitution ring (that was a fact). Cody Pickett leading the 49ers was a joke.

4.) Rookie Free Agents from the 2003 and 2004 49er Draft Classes - includes Mike Adams and Rayshun Reed just to name a few garbage players. When I saw these guys, I asked myself, "Who in the heck are these people?"

5.) Lawrence Phillips - can't be mad at Aeneas Williams for making the hit on Steve Young. Phillips just missed the block and just plain sucked.

6.) Bill Romanowski - had talent but I got sick of his racist attitude and WWF style of football.

7.) Zak Keasey - I don't want "Lisa Bonet" being the lead blocker for Frank Gore.

were do you get that? My cousin plays football with his son? my uncle who is a pastor talks with romo all the time. i've never heard that in my life.

Many players have came out saying he would call them the N-word during games. His own teammates have said he refused to associate with black players.

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Cj Spiller

Kwame Harris

Click at your own discretion, but unfortunately it's not the full version.
I can't believe you all forgot about the clowns zack bronson and mike cofer. You could see it in cofer's eyes that he was gonna miss. And bronson plain sucked. If you doubt this, play madden 04. It's pretty accurate to bronson. And I will always hate you roger craig for fumbling away the 3 peat and history. Deion, I will always hate you for playing for dallas and for running your mouth during the crabtree situation. And mark roman, I hate you because you're not cut yet.
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What about Tim McKyer?

He was a great player back in the day but boy did he turn on us...i remembered when he went to another team and came back to play us how the fans booed him and then Jaime Williams took him out on a pick play and "Timmy" was hobbling back to the bench! what a great moment in 49er history!
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