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Ray Lewis and the Cheating Allegations

Pretty standard stuff for a hero like this. If its true he shouldn't be a loud to play. They had some pretty tight playoff games too. Maybe god is on his side because its starting to look like they shouldn't be here!
I agree, Ray Lewis should be more quiet during plays.
"Be a loud to play" lol
Have you guys seen this?

It could be total BS....but it makes you wonder....
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Yes, I just saw it on the thread directly under this one.
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Completely brushed off the question. Said it was the same story two years ago.
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Lewis would not even answer the questions about the controlled substances allegations at media day .. and the media is calling it a distraction..
Very strange that everyone isn't badgering Ray about these allegations?? Justin Smith certainly didn't have this edge with his partial tear of triceps tendon
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If video comes out of Ray getting this stuff, at the very least he's a liar, which puts into question anything he's ever said, including his involvement in other off-the-field issues.

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here is the article from SI
GODS TEAM!!!!!!!
ya I work out a lot, I've heard of that stuff... It's suppose to help you make solid gainz! Also promotes recovery, didn't know it was banned though.... IMO it's not worse then using adderal
SportsCenter‏ @SportsCenter
Source tells that Ray Lewis requested deer-antler spray (contains substance on banned list) to help expedite recovery.

Deadspin ‏@Deadspin
Ray Lewis has reportedly used a banned substance for years, but no one cares because it's football.
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lol cheater
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