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Ray Lewis and the Cheating Allegations

Originally posted by lamontb:
He's was hired by ESPN 3/4 weeks ago when he announced his retirement

and being that he never failed a test this is just he say/she say.

I don't give a s*** if he tests positive for anything. He might be a great LB, arguably best ever, but I don't think much of him as a human being and don't care to hear his clown thanks, no I know to avoid him on ESPN.

As for he say/she say, no, not quite. It's SI saying here's what was discussed on a videotaped call of Lewis with this guy from SWATS, and quoting the reply from Lewis admitting that he did place an order with SWATS. If it's not true, then surely we can look forward to a libel lawsuit...or will Ray Ray not do that because he just wants to "put this all behind" him?
I dont want him suspended. I want Kap/gore/lamike to make him look foolish on the edges all day.
Originally posted by Chrs0049:

i think he's handle himself pretty well since he was accused of murder.

Sleaze bag
I think this is complete s**t. There have been studies done on deer antler spray and they've found it does next to nothing. Ray Lewis will have access to nutritionists, dieticians, DR's etc and they will all tell him the same thing that its s**t and doesn't do anything. Why risk getting caught out with something like this in the last months of your career and have it completely tarnished. It don't make no sense.

This sparks of someone at SI either has shares in deer antler or has been paid a bucket load to promote by coming out in SB week and say the most famous guy in the game has been using. The sales of deer antler will go through the roof this week. I'm sure SI were the ones to come out a couple years ago about deer antler in MLB as well. SI are dirty scumbags
He may have done this, because when asked about it his happy "no wepon formed against me can prosper" attitude turned to a*****e jerk mode. He had a hard time not blowing up.
Originally posted by GOAT80:
He may have done this, because when asked about it his happy "no wepon formed against me can prosper" attitude turned to a*****e jerk mode. He had a hard time not blowing up.

The latter Ray Lewis is the real Ray Ray.

The former Ray Lewis is the fake one made for TV.
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I can hear it now by the Media " this only make the ravens more focused and they will blololololow out the 49ers."

what a sideshow this has been.

Originally posted by NC49erfan82:
"Be a loud to play" lol

laugh oud loud
Just more ammo for our boys! FIRE UP!!
Why would Ray Lewis do this? Because Ray was desperate to get back on the field. If he didn't do it talk about it and deny it and folow it up with a drug test. He should be tested tommorrow and if he comes up positive banned from playing in the super bowl. The NFL has egg on their face and it would be a slap in the face to see that clown holding the Lombardi trophy Sunday night.
This guy is as phony as they come. He's right about one thing though -- God did put the Ravens in the Super Bowl. Only problem is, they're not winning. They were put there so Ray Lewis can suffer the agony of defeat in his final game, and hopefully learn a little something about humility.
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While no Ray Lewis fan, it sounds like to me that Ray Lewis said "Give me all you got" not necessarily knowing that one of the treatments had a banned substance. Now certainly, a football player should be more careful, but it may not be intentional on his part.

And why is the supplier bringing this up now? I guess he wants to get his 15 minutes of fame and hope that it increases sales. I suspect that most athletes, though, would avoid a supplier that gets them into trouble.
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