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NFL eliminating kickoffs?


No. I am asking for evidence. I will even deal with some logical basis or at least a rational line of thought. I see neither.

What does "not seeing evidence of the facts" mean? I am looking for both, facts and/or evidence. Enough facts provides evidence for a hypothesis.

So, does this work?

No kickoffs = less concussions HOW?

Eliminating entire portions of the game is retarded. Why play at all? Lets just watch females in lingerie play football and cut to the this point you are changing the fundamentals of the game.

I have some similar proposals then :

1. The QB can never be in physical contact by the defense.
2. Extra points are eliminated, either make a TD 7 pts or 6. It's just a meaningless extra play someone could get hurt on.
3. Eliminate rushing plays, becuase after kickoffs were eliminated, now they cause the most injuries.
4. Eliminate punt returns.
5. A defender can longer make contact with a receiver until after he has made the catch, has both feet down, and attempts to gain more yds.
6. Part of the new safety standards regarding players equipment will be mandatory use of knee and elbow braces.
7. All players must wear a visor (they might get dirt in their eyes).
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Move the kick off to the 25 yard line and lets play football! I hate the new kick offs, and get sick to my stomach thinking about the game without the kick off!

Lets do away with punts, kock offs, and field goals, so the there is no more foot in football, we can change the name to hand egg, or toss ball, or pure p***y b******t ball!
If it aint broke ...dont try to fix it

I have a better idea , how about allowing teams to dress 50 players on sundays

more flexibility and depth for all means better quality games ....but doing away with the kickoff
Originally posted by kingairta:
So since when is concussions the only injury to worry about? Why the need for shoulder pads and all the others?

Quit arguing just to argue. Some one mocked the frequency of injuries on kick offs with out any proof to back it up and you'll take some heresay crap opinion over hard anecdotal evidence?

Face it concussions aren't the only career/ life threatining injuries. Its just the hot topic is all.

I never said any of that. I just dont take statistics at face value. Even in that article it talkedabout the flaw of not knowing what they were.
It is lumping
broken fingers and broken fibulas.
Pulled muscles and torn muscles
Sprained MCLs and torn ACLs

It lumps people who don't miss a play with people who have a career ending injury. That is worthless to me on this subject.
You ask for evidence or even a coherent thought process around here and all you hear is..............

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Originally posted by susweel:
Future headline.

NFL eliminating tackling.

You are the master of the strawman argument.
Roger Goodel eliminating his manhood.
The National F***** League
Insert any word you want just don't use football, because that aint football.
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