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Taylor Mays for 2013 7th Round Pick

Originally posted by ace130:
Originally posted by txniner2:
I would've traded him for no draft pick just a month supply of Doritos for the team

Nah, Hot cheetos with a couple of lemons

Jalapeno cheetos, a moon pie and a RC cola was the deal I proposed. Gotta be the jalapeno cheetos none of those cheesy poof cheetos, that's a deal breaker.
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Originally posted by Memphis9er:
It is funny man, because I think those tea party people are bible-thumping, agenda pushing idiots that have no clue what the people of America need ( not that any of the current parties or factions are any better). I am sorry if you do not agree with my assessment, but it is pretty clear that Mays is an athlete with straight line speed that isn't even a very good tackler. It is silly to hold it against him for the pick we wasted on him though, he can't help it if Singletary got Baalke to pick him 2-3 rounds early. Good luck to him being the gunner for the Bengals, he might actually make a decent one. Great athlete doesn't equate to a good ball player.

Still sound like them. and Memphis is your location? come on

I am not the one that has lost my objectivity, if you want to point fingers, you might want to realize that you might be having a tea party moment. Also, though I am a Memphian, I do not count myself amongst the democratic liberals that predominate in the mid south, nor the tow-the-line republicans. In my opinion it is past time to be anything but American when it comes to politics, the two parties have completely lost sight of what is good for this country.
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I never liked this pick...watched him play in college many times and I never once believed that he could play FS in NFL. Turns out, he can't play SS either. Hated when we drafted him...but whatever, he wasn't going to help us. I just wished our front office did a better job of hiding their dissatisfaction - could have gotten a higher pick for him imo if they played their cards right.

Baalke should have stood up to Singletary and told him to shut it if he strongly felt 2nd rounder is too high for Mays. In defense of Baalke, he should have been named GM before the draft. When you are fighting for your job, you are tryin' your best to not step on other ppl's toes - and at that point - unfortunately Singletary was the face of the franchise.

They overpaid.
lol couldn't even get a 2012 pick
Originally posted by LA9erFan:
So sending a mass email didn't result in a bidding war that raised his value. Imagine that.

It would if he was any good.

Imagine a mass e-mail by the pats or Colts that Brady/manning are on the trading block.
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Originally posted by GoGetit:
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Bottom line: Wasted pick. You cannot miss on 1st and 2nd rounders and expect to win in this league.

one thing is true. he will never have to work. Can you say that? Didn't think so.

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you know the deal....a bratha making it.
what a waste of a 2nd rounder, i hope we learn from this and start drafting better
Originally posted by 49erRider:
I don't know if you realize it or not, but 6th round pick > 7th round pick.

Bottom line: letting every team in the league know that you don't want a player is NOT going to help you get value. Why the hell would anyone offer more than a piece of gum for an item everyone knows you're gonna throw away at the end of the day?


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Where did all this crap about a 4th for Mays come from?
Am I not mistaken in thinking that Mays was going to be released anyways. So we got a 7th compared to nothing. The rumor was that the Bengals had to make a trade to get Mays because if he was straight released then he would have likely chosen to go elsewhere and not to the Bengals. Who would Mays have taken a roster spot over? Williams has looked good so far in the preseason, Goldson and Whitner are starters and Smith has looked better than Mays by a good amount.
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This is just the latest evidence that the FO has not yet evolved to big-time level. This wasn't handled well.

That having been said, every team needs ST players with speed. It is one of the prerequisites for good ST play, and one that has been missing from the 49ers for years now. The good teams have good balance on their roster and can carry a guy who is basically a gunner and little else.

The problem for the 49ers is that they have a number of other areas where they would like to keep an extra player or two until they have more time to fully evaluate their talent. The DL is one of those areas. Right now it looks like Dobbs and Williams could be decent rotational guys. Silver might also be in the mix. Similar situations exist with the WRs and secondary. So do you cut one of those guys who have the potential to be more than "just" ST guys in order to keep Mays?

I'm disappointed Mays did not turn out to be more than a 7th round pick but I am also glad his roster spot will now be available to someone who can contribute more in the future. Call that "looking for the silver lining on the cloud" but it is pretty clear Mays wasn't going to be worth much to this team.
We got robbed!
Alright! We actually got something for a guy who was going to get cut. I'll take it!
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