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Is it safe to call Reggie Bush a bust?

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He's not a bust but I think it's also safe to say what else he isn't that he was said to be coming out of college: Gale Sayers.

Also, if he's a bust, then I think all Alex Smith supporters have become ostriches with their heads in the dirt never ever seeing this thread.

If Bush is a bust, we need to invent a new word to describe what Alex Smith is.

If Bush put up the same numbers as a 9er and Frank Gore put up the same numbers as a Saint. This board would think Reggie Bush was 10x better. His injuries would be used as an excuse. Him sharing carries would be used as an excuse. Since the shoes aren't on the other foot. HERE WE ARE!

Bush's best year: 565 rushing averaging 3.6 per carry and 700+ (8.4 per catch).

Gore's best year: 1695 rushing (5.4 per carry) 485 receiving (8 ypc)

You can look at the BEST YEARS all you want. Add them all up and you get.

Gore 99 yards pg, 26 td's in 59 games
Bush 83 yards pg, 24 td's in 38 games

I'm not trying to compare Gore and Bush head to head. As they are two totally different kind of players.

All I was saying at 1st was. How can Gore be top 10 (in 9er land). Yet Bush is a bust? When total yards per game aren't too far off. But Bush has 2 less td's in a season and a 1/3 less games.

my 2nd argument was just showing the homerism on this site. Anyone who doesn't think this board would say Bush was better than Gore if teams were changed and production was the same. Is probably a homer like i'm talking about.
Bush was drafted 1st rounder and was considered to be the next coming of a great RB. Gore was drafted at the third round. Even if you look at outside the zone the majority of people will say he is a bust. He is not even the starting RB on his team he got beat by undrafted RB how pathetic is that.

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there was a discussion about this a couple months ago and a lot of people say that since he's still a weapon and can be dangerous he's not a bust

however, i agree with you that he could be considered one

he got drafted to be a running back, he was hyped up to be the next barry sanders. i don't disagree that if the ball is passed to him things can happen, but has he shown to be worth the 2nd overall pick? i say no, and that's why i say he's a bust, but not a complete bust, if you get where i'm going with that

He'd be a complete bust if Drew Brees wasn't on that team.
Not a bust, but definitely not living up to the hype.
bust, no. Over hyped, yes.
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Not a bust.

Stop hating.
He had 700-some receiving yards his rookie year, but since then he's kind of sucked. It's a shame.
Talk about over hyped by the draft pundits. Funny, three years later the Texans are looking like geniuses. Remember how all the Saints fans thought Bush was going to be the team savior? What we have learned is he was surrounded by fantastic talent at USC and played inferior teams (the Pac 10)

Bush is a great example of why Crabtree should only be paid based on his slot position. For all we know for that matter all anyone knows is Crabtree could end up being another Rashaun Woods.

what happened to alex smith?
I think it depends on how you define bust. To me he is not a bust, he simply hasn't lived up to expectations. He does do a good job receiving out of the backfield but that isn't what the Saints drafted him that high for.

To me a bust doesn't contribute whatsoever and is run out of town by his 3rd or 4th year. Thats just my opinion of a bust.
He's a glorified version of Kevin Faulk.

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He's a glorified version of Kevin Faulk.

Except he's nowhere near as good.
He is not a bust just not as good people expected. He's doing what I expected,i.e. a nice 3rd down back that can run back punts. The Saints overpaid for Bush, plain and simple but he's productive.
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Id take him on the niners.
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and to think my dumbass was wanting us to trade up from 6 to draft him 2nd overall wouldnt mind having bush on the team but not for the money hes making

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bust, no. Over hyped, yes.
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