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Trade up.

Originally posted by smithc28:
Originally posted by SF69ers:
i'm not going to go into disagreeing with your mock, but no way is Brandon Williams going to be available at #74

Yeah i changed it in a proper mock.

But you never know people reach people miss. Draft day is amazing

oh ok, gotcha. but i agree about people reaching and missing. this draft is gonna be fun.
I'd like to see us package the KC pick to a team trying to move up for a future first round pick (2014). We need a good Defensive End with our first pick but other than that we can find talent to fill our other area of need with our other picks. We are sooo deep that we really only need one impact player in this draft and solid backups in a couple other positions.
Sheldon Richardson sounds like a great prospect for us and I keep seeing him 15-20. Our 1st and late 2nd could get us there.

Then I'm hoping #34 generates a lot of action as the run on QBs begins. I feel like this is where you get more value than the "chart." NYJ (39) or Buffalo (41) should be looking to leapfrog Philadelphia (35) and Arizona (38) to get a franchise QB. A move that small should only net us a 4th from those teams, but I could easy see taking their 3rd instead by offering up a 6th or something.

We go from this:


To this, roughly:


Heck, then we could trade 71 and 74 for 45. And 93 and a 4th for ~75.
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