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Who are you more mad at:

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Who are you more mad at:

Originally posted by susweel:
Im more mad at shannylynch for assembling this crappy roster. All the draft picks and salary cap room and this is the best they can do. Embarrassing

I'm with you. For a very long time, the 49ers philosophy has been to build the team thru the draft and do little with free agency. Problem with this approach is if you miss on a few high draft picks (see AA and Thomas) you put your entire team in a bind. Another problem is when you are turning players over as quickly as the Niners have the last few years, the team is extremely young and the overall product is sloppy and inconsistent. We don't have those tenured players that have been in the league 6-7 years to ready the ship. When you throw in all the injuries our huge lack of depth becomes very evident.

Hope we learn by our mistakes. This team needs a huge infusion of talent.....
I'm mad that i had to take a sh*t in a port a potty the other day!!😷😡😭

Oh sorry im mad that our delusional coach and gm thought we were good with our previous roster and thought jimmmy g was our savior.
Originally posted by Ensatsu:
Armstead is getting pressures on PFF. Even Solomon Thomas can't do that.

Thomas has had better pass rush productivity on PFF until this last game...and Armstead is a 4th year player. Thomas is a 2nd year player dealing with some bad personal chit in the back of his mind.
Right now ? Aaron Boone for not taking Severino out after the 3rd ! Oppss sry wrong forum..
The football gods.
I'm mad at myself for getting caught up in the hype that we were going to be good this year.
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Originally posted by gold49er2183:
The football gods.

Originally posted by BuZzB05:
I am very frustrated the 49ers players are all joke and play fooling our defense. They need stop fool because they are getting the paid and real game for us. we paid the 49ers players. We are not dumb or not fool. 49ers players defense make hurt for us because they gave us the loss game! .. It is not deal with 49ers players!

Originally posted by thl408:
I'm mad I read that post.
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Originally posted by susweel:
Im more mad at shannylynch for assembling this crappy roster. All the draft picks and salary cap room and this is the best they can do. Embarrassing

2 off-season worth and if you look at hit rates, success rates by round and by positions you might understand why some of us expect this regime to take time to rebuild this organization for long term sustainability.
I'm mad I have to wait until next season just to hopefully have a decent year
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I think I'm more disappointed than I am mad and I'm really not even a set or disappointed in the players but in the amount of injuries and just seems like this is been the most unlucky team for the last three or four years with injuries and people not being able to stay on the field and we can't depend on anybody.
Not mad at anyone. It's a game.

Disappointed. Frustrated. But not mad. I try to save mad for things that matter in life.
The Injuries
Originally posted by Stud:
Yup. His inability to step up in the pocket caused him to lose 2 fumbles that changed the game. I thought that was a basic QB skill.

Agree has no pocket awareness whatsoever. Thought he would have been watching Jimmy apparently not. He could have easily avoided those 2 fumbles by basic quarterback fundamentals 🤔🤔🤔
Mad at:
The Front Office
- for re-signing POS players in Garnett, Ward and Armstead for ONE more year
- not drafting or signing a single PASS rusher
- not drafting a #1 WR

The Coaching Staff
- for not teaching this young team how to tackle
- for thinking they could "scheme" a pass rush with only one legit pass rusher in Buckner
- for thinking they could "scheme" a passing game with a bunch of guys who can't catch

- for all the injuries

Jed York
- just because
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