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Your reasons for why we lost

1. They chase, but do not get to the QB.
2. Our receivers did not make the crucial catches, theirs did.
3. Not using the jumbo package to slam the ball in whe they were on the 5 yardline to just end the game.
4. Special teams never gave us good field position, and always had us starting on or near the 20. And let's not forget, they f'n allow a 108 yard kickoff return for a TD to start the half???????
Agreed. I thought for sure we had the win after Gore's 30 yard run. Bad play calls.

But it should never have come down to that. Mistakes and poor play by our DBs doomed us in this game. The mistakes will get fixed in time with the experience. Kapernick and L. James will be more prepared for big games next year. As for our DBs.... it's time to find a top tier CB in the draft. They made a lot of mistakes and none of them are physical enough to hang with WRs like Boldin.

It's going to be a long offseason. But at least we have a young talented team with lots of draft picks and all key players under contract for at least a couple more years. We can make another run.
how many superbowls in the past 10 years have been decided because a ref didn't make a call he should have, that being said Roman that last set of downs at the 5 was all his fault for the playcalling
We had two weeks to prepare.
First play of the game we lined up in an illegal formation.
Greg Romans red zone offense most likely will get you a field goal , it makes no difference if your QB is Alex or Colin. The one difference is Colin can sometimes overcome it with his running , which he wasn't called on to do tonight with the Super Bowl on the line.
Greg Roman will also be the offensive coordinator as long as Harbaugh is the coach because I truly believe he will never be hired as an NFL head coach. Just my humble opinion.
Great comeback tonight and feel very confident for many years to come with Kaep as our QB going forward.
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I seriously think if the refs did their job we would have won. It was that close, and they were that bad.
horrible calls. but i don't want to bring this memory back ever again.
Originally posted by grizzlyadams:
Aldon has to be hurt. He was terrible down the stretch.

Yes no power or strenght. Before if he gets his hands on the runner, the runner goes down quick..
No need to rehash the plays, as you've all done a fine job.

Simply atrocious play calling. It was Kaep's time to become a legend. And f**king Roman f**ked that up. Plus some of the late communication issues...can't have those. But the f**king atrocious playcalling. It was our time to win in an epic fashion and instead it ended in epic failure.
Originally posted by susweel:
they choked on the last drive and should not have called time out rather just take penalty at least we could of got ball back with time left on the clock.

I would have taken the penalty, get pushed back 5 yards, to have some room for some underneath routes for Crabs or Davis....maybe even a read option for Gore/LMJ/Kap. We were running the ball effectively on that drive. 4 pass plays at the 5? That is osbsurd.

Hey guys. First post...

The play calling was brutal. I am actually writing a piece on it for Bleacher Report as we speak. Can anyone break down the exact calls from 1st to 4th? I have a hazy memory but correct me if I was wrong.

1st- Up the middle hand off to James.

2nd- Rolls out Kaep (sprint right option) finds no one.

3rd- Under center flat pass to Crabtree

4th- Lob pass to Crab in corner.
Two critical uncalled penalties hurt us big, one was less obvious but the opening kickoff of the 2nd half Im not sure who it was i think the number was 48 was held by two ravens around the 48 yard line, the second was the obvious non call in the endzone at the end.

But the big thing was the defense falling flat again. Our D allowed the ravens to remain balanced throughout most of the game. We had multiple chances at sacks and failed to grab Flacco. Romans playcalling was very questionable throughout the game, running on 3rd and long, at least one read option on that final drive near the goal line would have been a good idea, Kaep had a few mental mistakes biggest was the int on a way overthrown pass to Moss. I find the biggest Irony in this game is the amount of fans on this site who said the only way we could win a super bowl is with a +300 yard passer, Colin broke 300 yards today and what happened?
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I need a few bottles of Prozac. That was really painful. I'm proud of how Kaep played this year though, and I'm damn glad we have Harbaugh. This is going to be tough to get over though. Really tough. Damn.
We blew it. Plain and simple. Frank not touching the ball was ridiculous. Kap not running it was ridiculous. I seriously can't believe we didn't punch it in at the end.
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