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Your reasons for why we lost

Donte WHitner , our weakest link in coverage. Ravens knew that too unfortunately. A little bit of nerves thrown in as well
they scored more points /thread
when i watched the hail mary on 4th i was like W T F
We played like crap most of the day. However, at the end, we still had a chance to win. However, the refs yet again screw us over, just like last year with the "no fumble" by Bradshaw. Hey, it is what it is. With the replacement refs and all, this has been one of the worst years of officiating I've seen. But it is what it is.
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they scored more points /thread

That usually does it.
They had more points than us when the clock struck zero at the end of the 4rth quater?
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Was there holding on the kick return or was I trippin

Honestly, I don't care about the possible holding calls. Kaepernick threw a ball that would have been very difficult to catch, even if Crabtree hadn't been held, as it landed out of bounds. My point is, the game shouldn't have come down to a mini Hail Mary prayer of a throw from the 5 yard line when we had our tanks and battering rams ready to punch through the tired and injured Ravens front line. Why lob the ball when we had our running game in full force?

It was catchable. The ball hit the ground only a foot or two out of bounds. Had Crabtree not been held, he couldve definately grabbed the ball out of the air and gotten his feet in.

It certainly was catchable if he had not been held. But my point is calling that fade route on 4th down was putting the game required a lot more to go right than a simple brute run would have. It's just common sense with the situation of the game that pounding the rock would have more than likely gotten the ball into the endzone with the Ravens hurting and tired.
Originally posted by ubaisore:
they scored more points /thread

That usually does it.
Every one of his plays goes to Jim Harbaugh who, in turn, sends them to Kaepernick. If he disapproved, he'd do something about it. No other NFL coach would have shared practice facilities.... But Jim wasn't as focused on the game.
The betrayal of Alex Smith by Harbaugh.


We blew it. Plain and simple. Frank not touching the ball was ridiculous. Kap not running it was ridiculous. I seriously can't believe we didn't punch it in at the end.
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It's funny to me that Roman is being blame a lot lately for our current losses. Why wasn't he to blame before?
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Originally posted by Psinex:
Aye Caramba! Why would you not hand the ball off to Frank Gore from 5 yards away with Haloti Ngata out of the game and the best line in the league?

Greg Roman blew the play calling by trying to get fancy and ignoring the Niners' best asset. It was an amazing comeback but passing from the five on consecutive plays after Gore had just busted a 30 yard run was utter stupidity.

There's going to be a lot of second guessing after this one.

Totally agree. There was a reason why Roman did not get any interest from other teams with HC openings...and that reason showed up on that last drive. Gore had just ripped off a long run and was feeling it. The Raven front 7 was gassed. Pushing the ball down their throats at that point would have forced Balti to burn timeouts while scoring with very little time left.

Roman and HARBAUGH will remember this for a long time. Despite all the other mistakes in the game, it is incumbent on the coaching staff to maintain their poise and give the players a chance to win. Though Romans calls the plays, they all run through Harbaugh. In this game, JOHN was the better Harbaugh.
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