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What's your gut feeling on the outcome of Saturday's game against the Pack?

What's your gut feeling on the outcome of Saturday's game against the Pack?

the 156 of you said you were confident for a win are the best. honestly after the pick for 6 i was not phased and actually was feeling good about our chances :)

my 10 year old nephew's text to me right at kickoff.

"by the power of me the 49ers will crush the Puckers!"
Time to paint Wisconsin red! Yaeahhh baby!
Originally posted by SunDevilNiner79:
GB 31
SF 28

We miss 3 FGs

Thats my gut feeling.

u do not need to be a Niner fan
Originally posted by new49er:
Had a nightmare CK threw 2 INT, one returned to the house CK and Justin Smith tricep are my only concern! I believe in Akers!

Originally posted by 49ersBest1:
I haven't posted on here for years. I do have to say this. The Niners should win for a number of reasons. First, they are a team that is driven by the lights. They thrive on the big stage most of the time. They will be at home so this will aid them tremendously. They want to redeem themselves for last year so the fire will be there more than ever. The Packers have been there. They aren't fighting to go to their first superbowl. That doesn't mean they won't be motivated but it won't be on the same level.

Get ready for a great game. This should be one we will all enjoy. Justin Smith or not

I never doubted them for a second. I felt the heart of this team many games into the season. They play at the highest level when given the spotlight and the season is on the line. I think Seattle was sole mistake. I think the Niners are headed for their 6th Superbowl. Who wants some cool-aid!!! LoL
I will happily eat crow on this one.
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