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What's your gut feeling on the outcome of Saturday's game against the Pack?

What's your gut feeling on the outcome of Saturday's game against the Pack?

It will be similar to the Patriot's game, but less extreme. We'll work our way ahead, they will come back to within reach, but we'll hold'em off.
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Im 100% confident like I am every game. Cant wait to see them hit the field and show some explosiveness
Keap can handle this like he handled brady. Justin will be back to being a beast. Aldon will have atleast 2.5 sacks brooks might get 3 the d will come up with no less then 3 turnovers. Moss scores GRABtree scores twice and gore goes over 150 yards rushing. 49ers 38 quackers 23 more or less around this.... Mark my words. They are not ready for us. Oh and LMJ scores
we can always put smith in if kaep struggles.
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Nervously confident.
Originally posted by pdizo916:
we can always put smith in if kaep struggles.

I doubt that will happen.

I voted iffy 50/50. I'm really concerned about Justin Smith. Justin Smith's productivity effects Aldon Smiths productivity. These are 2 players that make this defense go. If we don't have those 2 playing effectively, it doesn't look good for the niners. We need to be able to pressure Rodgers with the front 4 without having to send an extra guy. Just like in the first game, we're going to have to keep every guy on the back end in coverage. If we don't get pressure, well you know how the story will go.
I voted 50-50. On one hand we beat them in Green Bay, the Patriots in New England, and on the other hand we lost badly to the Giants and Seatle. If we play 49er football and put pressure on Rodgers, he isn't as effective when he can't set his feet to throw the ball. I could see this happening, so at this point I just want to watch the game.
Originally posted by mayo49:
Nervously confident.

Just nervous. Always nervous about NFL games.
Have had a dream two nights in a row and in both the Niners win. Hopefully it's a sign.
I just bought Green Bay Packer toilet paper

My heart says win all the way! But you are asking for my gut feeling. This team has gotten cold at the wrong time of the year, caught the injury bug, and has a QB starting with only 7 games under his belt. As much as I want to be positive, my gut says it will be an ugly game. I think I am having trouble getting past the consistent dissappointment of this team from the last few years.

With that said, I hope my gut is dead wrong and we stomp the Pack!
To me Green Bay is a bigger challenge than either the Seahawks or the Falcons.
To me it all depends on which Niners D shows up. If we are flat to start then we are going to struggle to win this game. We come out fired up and ready to rock and I think we win going away.

With the return of Justin Smith and the reports of how focused and in tune Kapper has been with the preparation I believe the Niners will win. I believe the Kapper game plan reports point to Gore having a big day. I think the team learned from the Seattle game and we run the ball and often. I think lack of time on the field will force Aaron to press and make uncharacteristic mistakes. Niners get out to a comfy lead and hang on to win similar to the GB/NE games from earlier this season.

We will be playing in Atlanta for the nfccg.
the fate of this game falls on the OL. If they can get our running game going, we'll win.
Originally posted by boast:
49ers - 31
Packers - 17

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