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49ers sign Billy Cundiff

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Akerdiff = Championship

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this made me laugh.. read it on a website after he missed that kick

"I heard Cundiff tried to hang himself last night, but he couldn't kick the chair out from underneath himself...."

Why did we waive Eric Bakhtiari? After cutting Jacobs I thought we had an extra roster spot.
I just dont understand hy a move for another kicker wasnt made weeks ago, and given a chance to get back into form throughout the regular season.

Im not sure on ho as out there, and am not really that versed on who wwas out there that would have been better, but there had to be someone out there that was maybe young and unproven that we could have brought in and given them a chance over the season, Nothing could have been worse than hat Akers has been. I would almost take cortez back.
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Akers short kicks and Cundiff long kicks as Akers leg strength has declined with the injury. I'd probably keep 2 for the playoffs. 1 short, 1 long, go with the hot hand. It allows us more options. Maybe with 2 weeks off Akers gets more healthy. Cundiff is capable of choking too. I think having 2 is good for this team. At least we got somebody even if it's not ideal.
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This doesn't make me feel any better

It makes me feel better, waaaaay better.

How could this make you feel better? Billy Cundiff missed a 32 yard field goal in the final seconds of the AFC Championship game. He also missed some field goals for the Redskins this year before being cut. I don't want him to have any negative impact on OUR TEAM.

Well, first of all, its an acknowledgement that we have a problem. Some of us recognized this 8 weeks ago. The first step is always coming to the realization, that you have a problem. Harbaugh has been in denial. This is a huge first step for him.
Well Akers was trash when we signed him so maybe Cundiff can have a few breakout games with us after choking away the AFC championship.
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Originally posted by BayArea:
Well Akers was trash when we signed him so maybe Cundiff can have a few breakout games with us after choking away the AFC championship.

Yeah, I think that's the idea. Get the guys head cleared and get him on a hot streak.
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I REALLY wanted to see Sopo kick last week after it looked like Akers got hurt

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WTF? Cundiff was in a worse slump than Akers has been in when the Redskins dumped him mid season. He was a big reason the Skins started 3-6, he missed a lot of kicks in close games. I think he has been on a dozen teams and cut from each one of them, I would have been more pleased if they signed Jose Cortez.
David Akers this year - 69%
Billy Cundiff this year - 58%

There's a reason two teams in the past year bailed on the guy.. who is a known playoff choke artist.
wow. we're f**ked.
I think this move is jus to light a fire under Akers I don't see cundiff out kicking Akers in practice...
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coach should have addressed this two weeks ago. he just let it ride and now gee, we have two num nut kickers going into post season. maybe if he wanted to light a fire under akers he should have done it after the first rams loss( yes i know what the score of the game was). Jh likes to undertake big projects like quarterback on the team to fix but seems impotent to fix little important things like special teams, pass protection problems, penalties on both sides of the ball, lack of depth along the defensive line and with our linebackers
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