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The Akers Effect

The Akers Effect has took shape! Like I said when I started this post, those two missed FG cost us two games, We should be locked for the #2 seed...Division Champs....still be in the hunt for the #1 seed...But instead We have to win our last game to win the division...We need to win our last game and green bay get upset to get the #2 seed "prob wont happen"....and #1 seed is now gone. Now because of those two missed FGs we have went from a lock for a first round bye and home playoff game to playing 3 road games in the playoffs. Just makes me sick.
Send hem to da HELL!!!!
WTF! Harbaugh has got to bring someone in...this guy is going to kill our season! Smith loses his job doing everything right and this guy keeps his doing everything wrong? Make a change before he ends our season!
Retitle this, "The Akers Defect"
Too much loyalty shown to Akers from the coaches, even if he is injured. He is the worst kicker in the league. He needs to needs to be replaced. Period.
pink slip this choker joker
LOL what? Why was my thread locked? If you can't jokingly make fun of someone on the internet, what can you do?
He'll be with us through the playoffs. Won't get cut till the offseason.
omg this guy is terrible and he is cracking. there has got to be someone better out on the market

If Akers is injured, why is he playing? Put him on IR, sign the guy we had in preseason. I would rather take my chances with a young fella (an unknown) then a damaged (known) veteran. At this point I think it's more then just a pelvis. It is in his head. He wil never be the same.

It's one thing if maybe Harbaugh is thinking, he doesn't have any other options.

Ok, fine.

Then play the game likewise! Don't count on Akers. Anything beyond 40 yds, just go for it.

Harbaugh actions, or in action, is clearly denial. I don't get this stubbornness. It's mind boggling and moronic.

Mark my words: The Akers Situation will cost us in the playoffs.

Chrs0049: I thought your read was awesome, and I would like to know why it was locked also. There is no difference between it and the various Kwame Harris and Chilo Rachel threads. Maybe the mod has a soft spot for Akers?
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He needs to go grab some of Moss's "relaxation medicine" so he can forget all the negative bs and just kick.
He is injured......
Originally posted by niners9:
He'll be with us through the playoffs. Won't get cut till the offseason.

Somehow I doubt it. Very surprised if he isn't cut immediately. He's a liability.
Originally posted by GoldandGarnet:
He is injured......

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