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Time to Talk about Goldson $$$$

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Originally posted by natrone06:
Goldson was like a heat seeking missile tonight. Very impressed.

Agreed -- This was a huge game for Goldson. I can't recall a missed tackle by him and he came up with that INT from that wounded duck of a throw and made a nice return. If and I mean if Goldson has many more games like this then I would definitely like to see him re-signed.
We can't. Unless the cap goes up significantly, there is no way we can hold all of these great players on the defense together. And the fact is, of all of our top defensive players, Goldson may be the most replaceable. I'm not saying a free agent or rookie will come in and immediately fill in the void, but I think the drop off will be felt the least.
Bowman first, lol
I don't know the exact cap figures, AB would be the guy to ask but maybe tag him once more and wait for the cap to rise in 2 years since next year's is not projected to go up very much.
can't do anything until AFTER the season folks... so it doesn't matter.

besides they can just tag him again..... I don't totally know how it works...but I think they would tag him as soon as necessary... try to draft a FS with the first 2 rounds, if a good one is available. See how that kid looks in Training camp, preseason, and during the season in practice. And decide if they want to resign Goldson, who would be a legit free agent. All based on how the draft pick looks.

I would think they would get a similar Safety....tall, rangy, can hit, and has hands.
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Goldson was a force out there last night! I'm glad a thread was bumped for him. He is so under rated by 49ers fans because of all the talent on this defense but he is an elite FS in this league whether you like it or not. Our front seven was not pressuring all that much last night. Our secondary was in lock down mode. He was all over the place. Our front seven gets a ton of credit and rightfully so, but credit for Dashon's performance last night does NOT belong to the front seven. Vic Fangio was amazing last night and probably called a near perfect game but if you didn't notice Dashon flying around the field last night then you don't know what you're looking at.
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