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Where San Francisco, CA

When: Thursday, August 30, 2012
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Last preseason game of the year before we final out the roster and get ready for the season. Go niners.

Last one.
they should let Kap start this game
Is it September 9th yet?
What, if anything, are we hoping to accomplish in this game?

Minus injuries of course!
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I'm guessing the 1s won't play...I hope that isn't the case. The Offense needs to work on some things....they need to go into game 1 with momentum.
We should let Lord Tolzien start so he can massacre his former team
Replay of the game will be on NFLN at 2 AM CT, Midnight PT which is less than 2 hours after the game will end. Game is at 9 CT, 7PT.
I'm hoping to see a lot of Kap and Tolzien. Most of the spots are locked up... maybe Mosley gets a chance to beat out Brock at 5 but I am doubting he will do it. Also, let's see more of Trent Robinson and CJ Spillman at S. Would like to see Kenny Rowe get a lot of time at OLB even though Bakhtiari seems to have the 4th OLB spot locked up. If Bakhtiari is healthy I would like to see him play at least a half if he is going to get time during the regular season he needs to be ready. Still not sure if Hall or Person gets that last OL spot... Leonard Davis is a lock. Kilgore should play at least a half to 3 quarters... the rest goes to Beeler.

I think Ian Williams and Will Tukuafu have locked in their spots. I want to see PS potential guys like Tony Jerod-Eddie, Michael Thomas, Mike Wilhoite, Joe Holland get some time. Darcel McBath should get a bunch of time as well. Who knows if we "hide" Owusu and Palmer but would be cool if they got a full games action.
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You think the starters even play in this game?
Originally posted by Garcia:
You think the starters even play in this game?

I think you want your starters to play a little much the same way you do week 17 when you are in the playoffs, 1st round bye or not.
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Originally posted by Garcia:
You think the starters even play in this game?

Doesn't somebody have to start the game?
I'd expect 1-2 series for most of the starters. Don't look for anybody who is somewhat nicked to play. Maybe Bowman, Culliver, Dobbs, Aldon... then maybe Justin and Gore get the night off. Manningham probably gets hid again... (although last week was due to a funeral)...

A couple things I think might need to get settled yet:
PS LB Wilhoite vs Holland
5th CB Brock vs Mosley or only 4 CBs?
If we go 5 S Thomas, McBath or Colin Jones
4th OLB - Bakhtiari seems like favorite, Rowe with great game against Broncos plus experience from last year with us
PS Center Slowey? vs Beeler
Dixon - Cartwright stalemate... who the heck knows if they have made up there mind on that yet
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Originally posted by ninerfan4life:
Is it September 9th yet?

So ready for week 1.
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