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Peyton Manning didnt choose us, he should pay for his crime
i think his career will end up bad in denver,, just like what occured when tony dorsett and jerry rice went there

Jerry Rice was never a Bronco


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it would make me laugh. deep down i am not as nice as you tell me you did not laugh when we hurt , not on purpose of course, the two saints guys last year on the donte hit and on vernons touchdown. I thought it was great to see them curled up in a fetal position on the field

Pierre Thomas didnt curl into the fetal position because he was knocked the f*** out.
... Sorry, just had to clarify that.
pey pey is goin down if denver is stupid enough to let him play against us. i almost wish aldon was gonna play in this game but id rather they sit him out til the season opener
Hopefully, Peyton and the Broncos bring their A-game. I would like our offense and defense to have legitimate competition against a (once) elite QB and a good defense.

Players I want to watch:

Kaepernick (I'm hoping for improved play. We've seen good and bad from him, which is to be expected. But another step forward would be great)
Anthony Davis (going against Von Miller)
LMJ (more reps, hopefully he looks better)
AJ Jenkins (building on a pretty impressive preseason season)
Balktiari / Alama-Francis (someone to secure the 4th passrusher spot)
I don't want anyone to get hurt, but I would like our rush to get to peypey and fluster him so he plays like garbage. You know, like he does whenever he is getting hit... like he did against us a couple years ago when they had to resort to a trick play HB pass to score a TD.

You don't have to hurt him to get back at him; you can rob him of his professional dignity instead.
If Denver paid any attention to the Houston game, they will continue to do what they often do and use extra protection in blocking us.
I just heard today that peyton and first team offense will play into second half against us.. nice
I'm going to this game! sitting behind the niners bench! should be in for a treat, starters should be playing well into the third quarter. I hope our "real" defense starts to show up and make some plays this game!

Manning will regret not choosing us, we are bringing the wood
I live in Colorado Springs Colorado and will be going to this game. I cant take the Broncos and the fans here. They been talking alot of smack about this preseason game likes it meaningful. However I would like to see Manning run for his life and shut these lame-o fans up.
I'm going to this game. Can't wait, it will be my first NFL game albeit a preseason game. I've been telling everyone around here that I'll be taking pictures of manning on his back for them.

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I may be in the nosebleeds but I am going to the game
I have a good friend that lives close to Denver and is a HUGE Broncos fan so naturally she rubbed it in a little when the Broncos got Manning. That and the fact that even though I now its a meaningless game and you guys know its a meaningless game she sees it as a bragging rights game...So I hope we kill them but what I want to see the most is a side line shot of Manning's face when he realizes what he could have been part of. Imagine if that happened? Can't think of a better bragging rights event then that

love to see Manning have the TKO look lol

oh and no injures
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Peyton Manning has reportedly had issues throwing to his right.

ESPN's John Clayton and Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. have both picked up on this. Per Clayton, Manning is still having problems when trying to throw to his right for more than 10 yards. It's a reminder that Peyton has had three recent neck surgeries, is 36 years old and has shown signs of diminishing arm strength. He's slipped to No. 10 among fantasy quarterbacks in our latest Draft Guide update.

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