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Roethlisberger suspects 49ers targeted him

Don't worry Little Benny, It was free of charge.
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Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:
f**k that rapist

he should b in jail getting raped
Originally posted by Young2Rice:

Aldon Smith is the man. Hits him consecutively.
I bet we'll target him next time, and it won't be because of a bounty.
He targeted women for rape.
Shut your rapist mouth or it'll be your brain less head next time.
Now he knows how his dates felt.
An immobile QB was targeted? Imagine that. I supposed he didn't target his victims either.
honestly. what did he expect? Pity?

"ohhh my ankle. please don't blitz me. it's not like you guys are trying to secure a first round bye or something......"
luckily for him he wasnt playing a team like the ravens who absolute hate the whole team

Originally posted by susweel:
Damn they targeted him but he's a punk b***h for crying about it.

He was not to bright in taking the field and now looks like a wuss for complaining.
Originally posted by NickSh49:
Um, he's the quarterback.

Who else are they supposed to rush? Rashard Mendenhall?

Ben shouldn't have even been in that game.

This. He should just quit crying!
Originally posted by wysiwyg:

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I think his head coach has alot of class. i think he heaped praise on the niners afterwards. i know that is what coaches do rather than to discuss thier own teams problems but i have always had respect for the pittsburg coach. in regards to ben,, well everyone in this thread has said it better than me
Tell us something we don't know Ben. The entire football world was obsessed with his ankle that night. Why wouldn't his opponent try to . . . in Gregg Williams speak . . . "affect the ankle" passively and discretely and as many times as possible?
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