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Are the niners ruining the locker room ?

Originally posted by Seansf49:
Low risk high reward signings. If they don't like what they bring to the table they'll be cut.

I couldn't put it any better. People complain we don't do enough to get better, well here you go.
Harbs keeps the pimp hand strong - not worried
Not after we win the sb
Originally posted by Marvin49:

Moss > Has never been a locker room cancer. His issues have always been lack of effor on the field, but you will have trouble finding any teammate that had an issue with him.

Cox > May not even make the team. He's the kind if guy that benefits from a GOOD locker room.

Jacobs > Overblown problem in the locker room. It didn't stop him from being on 2 SB winners.

Also, any one of these guys can be cut loose for almost nothing.

No worries.

Originally posted by HessianDud:
because we had success last year, the leaders on the team--Vernon, Willis, Alex, Justin, etc--will hold more sway in the locker room. The program has been established, it doesn't have to be held with kid gloves anymore.

Trent Baalke saw talent in these players and believes they can help us win games.
Jim Harbaugh knows how to develop a cohesive locker room and get the most of his players.
Paraag Marathe set up the contracts so we're good to go whether they work out or not.

In Harbaalkarathe we trust!
I normally have a short fuse when it comes to signing knuckleheads, but I'm reasonably confident that Harbaugh will keep the inmates in line and Baalke will back him up. Also, Smith seems to be a lot tougher between the ears these days, so I see the likelihood of things getting out of control to be fairly low.
No worries.
Under a lesser staff. Yes. Under the current staff. No.
On a side note...can anyone imagine these personalities under the Erickson regime? Just a Twilight Zone thought for ya!
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no way they are. im sure if one of these guys say something stupid our leaders will put them in their place if not hardball.
Not yet.................

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Originally posted by lyer:
no way they are. im sure if one of these guys say something stupid our leaders will put them in their place if not hardball.
the coach will not allow the inmates to run the asylum , no worries
no way!
It's always a delicate balance between keeping locker room chemistry and keeping people from becoming complacent. You have to introduce new competition every year and these guys are professionals, they need to be able to handle it or this is not the job for them. :-)

That being said, it's always a risk but it's one I think you have to take.
Not worried.

Harbaugh runs a tight ship and there's strength in numbers.

You're talking about 3 potential "problem" guys (personally, I really only see Jacobs being a possible issue in that regard)


50 other guys that developed a strong bond and cohesion during last year.

The Patriots have the same kind of mojo.

We'll be fine. Plus it won't matter when Jacobs is cut during preseason because.... he.... SUCKS.
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