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Niners 2012 schedule...

Originally posted by Bryant4everYoung:
ain'ts game is gonna be nice

That game is going to be big. Those fans hate us as we do them. The team don't even like each other.
It's hard to evaluate how good a team will be in March. Saints will be impacted from free agency losses and bounty gate suspensions (players will be losing games too). New England is not a world beater, neither are the Jets, Bills, Dolphins, or Vikings. I think our division has improved but on paper we still look better than any of them. We played the Giants tough both times. Dunno ... 11-5?
Can't put too much stock into that right now. Before last season, I looked at the schedule and thought we'd get killed by the Eagles, Steelers, Bucs, and Giants. We won all of them. NFL is so unpredictable. You just never know. No point in worrying about it in March...
last yr. i said 15-1 and got laughed outta the board, (and for good reason more wishfull thinking than anything.) but im saying we go undefeated at home, and we drop some away games to NE, and GB.. So i say 14-2, 13-3 if we choke against a divisional opponent..
Originally posted by Willisfn4life:

Arizona Cardinals

St. Louis Rams

Seattle Seahawks

Chicago Bears

Detriot Lions

New York Giants

Buffalo Bills

Miami Dolphins


New York Jets

New England Patriots

New Orleans Saints

Minnesota Vikings

Green Bay Packers

Seattle Seahawks

St. Lous Rams

Arizona Cardinals

That schedule is just brutal. We have to play arguably the three best quraterbacks in the NFL in their house. Then the Jets should be much improved and contend for a playoff spot. We play other potential playoff contenders or NFC championship contenders in Chicago, Detriot, The Giants. Bills will be much improved and may build off last years early season success. I think that if you overcome these kinds of schedules then it prepares you for those tough playoff games but it just sucks when you have had such a miserable decade then you have that one magical season and the year following you have to contend with a schedule like this. Are any of you worried about this schedule? What do you predict the outcome to be, record wise?

I think the jets, patriots, saints and GB games are going to be very difficult, PLUS, we will lose to either arizona or seattle on the road. I say 11-5 at the best. ALL of our home games are very manageable.
The jets and their fat f**k of a coach do not scare me one bit

We need to win the other 10, and then split the above games or win em all, either or but more realistically we split.. Our turnover ratio isnt gonna be what it was last year.
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the jets are such pretenders, just a s**ttier vision of us.

home games are manageable.

can't wait for the pats game...should have been the super bowl matchup.
8-0 at home

4-4 on the road


we aren't going to lose all against NE, GB, NY & NO

...those should all be prime time games btw
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Originally posted by Willisfn4life:

Arizona Cardinals -W

St. Louis Rams- W

Seattle Seahawks- W

Chicago Bears- W

Detriot Lions- W

New York Giants- W

Buffalo Bills- W

Miami Dolphins- W


New York Jets- W

New England Patriots- W

New Orleans Saints- W

Minnesota Vikings-W

Green Bay Packers- W

Seattle Seahawks- W

St. Lous Rams- W

Arizona Cardinals- W

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Honey Badger don't care about no schedule!
Originally posted by SportsFan:
Bring it.

I don't get the fans that complain and say we will be 8 - 8 at best because of our schedule. If you want to be good you have to beat the best.

I'm not scered. 12-4

Sad part is we would probably win the division at 8-8.
7-1 at home and 4-4 on the road
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