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Offseason So Far.....How do you feel overall?

I'm so far satisfied with the off season, I may have done things slightly different but none of the moves were bad. I cant wait for the regular season now.
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I agree with most of the posters here. They kept that D in tact - that's big. Now they can go for the best corner and D-line guys in the draft available. They added depth to the receiver corps - Manningham is a lot better than people are giving him credit for. I think Manningham was in the top 15 in receiving last season and that's playing with two other receivers who could be 1's on any team. Rumors are that Moss can still run 40's under 4.5 and, like Manningham, really appreciates the fact that he'll be on a team with a top defense - if he has a "comeback of the year" type season, the offense could be a LOT better than last year. Now they can go lower rounds for a speedster at wide out and possibly go for Fleener with their first pick (although I think they'll go defense again with the first).

And, to those around here who don't think Alex Smith can throw long: you're just flat-out wrong about that.
i am content with the offseason. We showed some poise and aggression.
Pretty happy with the offseason thus far.

On paper the team is better than it was last year and the contracts doled out were all reasonable.

The only real major question mark right now is RG but we still have the entire draft to address it so we should enter this season at least solid at every position.
I think RG, RB, WR, Depth is the focus of the remainder of the offseason.
Good offseason so far. How often would be we say that, esp in the years past. Credit goes to Jed, Baalke, Harbaugh & Marathe.
It feels nice to be a fan of a winning org.

NFC West seems to have become more competitive, at least on paper. All four teams have experienced/good coaches.
so far

if we have another solid draft
I found it somewhat funny that the image ESPN used in their article about the 49ers acing free agency has Rachal as the only player's name visible.

In fact, if we do grab Fleener in the draft (as some on here have said), there exists the very real possibility that Davis will be the only guy in that picture left after the offseason.

Oh, and what the hell is Mike Shannahan doing refereeing our game?
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Satisfied wit the moves so far.glad we resigned most of our guys,except for a few.the ones we lost,we got or will get upgrades.liked how we let guys who thought they could get more elsewhere go ahead and try,then come back after they got humbled.cant wait to see what we do in the draft.Btw,B.Jacobs could of stayed unemployed,but I can see where their goin w that signing.wasnt bad money deal either,hope it works out for us.

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Yeah, we're being praised for once on
Answer: Surprised. Never saw the Mannigham, Moss, Jacobs, nor JJ things coming. Considering we suited up for the NFC title game at WR, craps, kyle, and blank-blank, this is a helluva better way to begin the season. Now, Moss may not work out, but he also may. Mario works out well, basically a swap for Morgan, who wasn't there at end of season ...a definite plus overall. Also, altho i wanted wallace(real bad), i have no beef for not signing a guy who a) was not worth 10 mil per, nor could our team afford to blow a wad on one guy at WR. Going into into draft we are way better off than we were at end of season, when Delaine was also injured. With him back we are finally able to put good hands guys on the field that now includes Vernon, craps, mario, moss, Delaine, kyle, and ginn. Craps still has to prove himself to be a good receiver who wants to play for the 9ers, but at least we don't need 4 WRs in draft, altho I fully expect us to draft 3 and have many
WR UDFAs in camp post draft, for us to have a look see. Give the FO A+ for getting a partial fix prior to draft. The Jacobs thing just looks like a big guy to run it on 3rd and short and in Red Zone. As for a 4th QB, I think JJ is there to replace either Kap or Tolz, who I think someone else has expressed a desire in, and JJ allows one or the other to be traded for a move up in the draft...note I am just guessing about this. In sum, our guys did good, let snyder walk, same for rachal( i think), and we need to replace a RG thru draft or move up one of our PS OL guys. Also we didn't overpay for Morgan and Skins did.
We'll probably have the top defense in the league and we've seemingly patched up all the holes on offense. I'm happy.

We have 7 picks and no real holes. Depth at WR and RG would be nice, but it's not an absolute priority. I'm liking these moves do far. If Manningham or Cox turns out to be a big contributor for us, then this is even sweeter.
to repeat or improve it is going to be solely on being year 2 of the system, because other than that we have made no positional upgrades
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