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Will we make the playoffs next year?

The Niners are relatively young and the the strength of the team, defense, has been consistently good for a few years. If they keep most of their free agents and improve the personnel on offense, I think it's reasonable to expect them to be in the playoff hunt for the next five years. This team isn't a one-shot wonder that was hastily assembled with high priced free agent talent. They have pretty good cap room, have been drafting better, have a GM with a good eye for bargain talent and a coach who is smart and intense. I think we're going to win consistently like the Steelers or Pats. You can always get injuries and bad breaks, but we'll be knocking on the door. That's my take.
Niners will make the playoffs next season--I am predicting a Super Bowl win---this team should be in the Super Bowl now--that defense was so awesome against the Giants---we just lost the special teams part---a part of the game the Niners always won all season.
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According to Stats Inc and others 6 of the last 7 teams that lost the NFC championship game did not make the playoffs the next year. Does this worry any of you given the fact that we have waited so long for a winner again?

don't count cuz they are not in our Division , think about it , who has a better team than us in our divistion to take us one , NoBoday !!!!!!!!!!!

we are going to kick ass and take no prisoners !
we'll be a playoff team for years to come. why even ask?
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People may think this this nuts, but I am in agreement. They are just a receiver or 2 away from this, and apparently, the draft is good receiver rich. There is also the free agency market. I don't see any other gaps. Defense and ST doesn't even need to be touched (other than health of Ginn for kickoff returns ). Another RB would be nice too. Just think, Harbaugh did all of this in just his first year, and a shortened season at that.
Our 49ers are blue-collar, no-drama, rock stars right now. No place to go but up for at least the next 4 seasons.

and PS

It's been sooo long since we've been this good; I'm gonna sound like Rex Ryan allllllll off-season I can't wait for the draft!

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Who knows.

Most of our wins came down to the wire (Sea twice, Philly, Det, Giants, Rams, Bengals, etc..) . A bounce here, a muff there, an int there and we could have gotten 8-8 this year.

Now opposing teams have played us and have film on us.

This is the NFL - most games come down to the could take a 2-14 team or a 14-2 team and say about either of them that if a few bounces went the other way that they'd be 8-8. We were also a few bounces away from being 15-1 or 16-0....or 17-1 or 18-0
I think this loss will make the team stronger and hungrier. The giants lucked into the SB, and we were the better team, but even with Williams turnovers, if our passing game had been a little bit better we would've overcome that and won. That will be adressed in the offseason. We have the best coach in all of football right now, so im confident we will make the playoffs with a FRB or HFA. I'm predicting Niners vs Packers in the NFCCG next year.
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i think we will win our division and go to the play offs. however, i am not expecting 13 wins, more something like 10. really tough schedule.

We didnt get hit by injuries like other teams did, we were mainly healthy. Injuries are going to take its toll next season.
I think we do make it next season. Most worrisome team in the division will be RAMS I think; Fisher is a great coach with attention to detail. Once we continue to improve I think we will be alright!
10-6, win the division, beat the Giants or Green Bay in the NFC championship, go to Superbowl... win it.

we win the division at 11-5
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