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Anyone else still really bummed/depressed about the outcome of this year?

Man, I really thought it was our time. The greatest niner defense that I've ever laid my eyes on. The Packers out, the Giants whom we already beat,
the Patriots with a weak defense and a gift of a Super Bowl trip.
9 min of ot left with the ball back...

What if I have to wait another 11 years for another Super bowl run?
What if my dad dies before next years playoffs ? I would 've loved to have another super bowl win before he leaves Earth.
All of these new niner rappers and bandwagoners are going to jump ship and talk smack again.
I have to wait ANOTHER year just to see what direction we go in. Gore is getting slower, ... I'm just bummed.

How do I get out of this funk?
btw It doesn't help that women are LESS horny during this week of the year aka Blue Monday week.
Life is over commit suicide.
No, nobody.
yep its the end of the world LIFE SUCKS im already over it can't dwell on these things
Are you still drunk TonyStarks? posting this thread less than 24 hour later- if they aren't upset they were never a fan.

Im proud of our team but Harblewit needs to make some hard choices starting with Roman and our WR's coach
it'll never be more perfect a situation to win #6. Ever.
On repeat

I'm a little better now than I was last night, but still bummed.
I"m pissed....but i knew that the East Coast Bias NFL wouldn't let us win.....It saved us 2 weeks of BS Super Bowl talk before serving a win to New England....So thanks KW and the Refs for sparing us 2 week+ of torture.....

MOVE FORWARD. -This loss hurt, but we'll be better for it, we're gonna dump s**tty players and bring new ones in. -The wins covered up just how inept/premature we really were this season, and next year when we're dominating people will remember where it was all heading.
9 years of torture and so close. Move on but it burns.... Going to for a while. :(((((( So damn close smh
Too soon.
They have a lot of talented players, and they a good coach and GM also. I think the Niners are going to be regularly competitive for the next 5-10 years. You never know with injuries, or which way the ball is going to bounce, but I see them consistently in the hunt for the foreseeable future. I agree that this is the best defense in franchise history, and it's a shame we couldn't capitalize on it, but it's a team game and the offense wasn't championship caliber. Maybe now we can attract better free agents, though, like a great WR to push us over the top. There is good chemistry, the pride of the franchise is being restored. There is reason for optimism. Harbaugh and the players aren't going to just fall apart. They've been stockpiling talent for years and this is their time to make a run. it's all over for another year been listening to this all day
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