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Congrats To These Idiots

WOW .....Brooks and Kirwan straight up HATING ..How's that Crow taste fellas
Originally posted by NeeJ49er:
WOW .....Brooks and Kirwan straight up HATING ..How's that Crow taste fellas

You have to hate when your first name is BUCKY
Originally posted by GameOver:

5-3 Saints...experts still doubting us
the only guy who knows his sh*t is lombardi
he is the only one i like from NFL network
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Originally posted by HoneyBadger49er:
you've posted this 6 weeks late
we know this is all bullshlt since week 11
It's playoffs time now and this means ... nothing !
Everybody's 0-0 and it's win or bust now
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Originally posted by njninersfan420:
me2, he used to respond to me with wise a$$ remarks but now that he knows he was dead wrong he wont respond. there is a thread with our back and forths and other fans bashing him via twitter too.
these are my recent tweets to him that he is scared to respond to

@JasonLaCanfora remember u said the bucs(4-12) r better then the#49ers(13-3) EVEN after the 9ers beat them by 45. what a joke. #fail1/3

@JasonLaCanfora remember u MOCKED me when i said the #49ers would be 13-3??? said it around week 6, and what do you know 13-3 haha #fail 2/3

@JasonLaCanfora remember u said freeman(14 tds 19 ints 74.9 qbr) is FAR SUPERIOR to alex smith(17 td 5 int 90.7 qbr) hahha #fail again 3/3

Tell him "He is FIRED!!!! and You are the new replacement!"
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Originally posted by hungarian9erfan:
the only guy who knows his sh*t is lombardi
he is the only one i like from NFL network

They all look like they hang out in front of elementary schools in a van with candy bags
Originally posted by verb1der:
Lacanfora is a big dummy

LOL@LA CAN b***h
la canfora's a lesbian
La Canfora wouldn't know his own a**hole from his mouth.
Everything that comes out of it is sh*t anyways.
3-13 was close...

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Originally posted by Kilgore_Trout:
3-13 was close...

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Honestly who saw us going 13-3?lol. Que Harbaugh's "NOOOO-BODY!!" I was predicting 9 or 10 and just squeezing into the playoffs. Didn't see us beating Lions, eagles(remember the dream team?), steelers, and probably another one of those random losses you don't expect like seahawks on the road.

Baalke needs credit for his "plan", remember that "plan" everyone was pissed about because we wouldn't go for any high priced FAs? Instead we no doubt scouted the FAs like we do prospects, found the underrated guys, and signed them to 1 year contracts which always motivates players. We cut the fat within our own organization so that guys like bowman could have a chance to start and emerge(they must have watched his film). So far they've been right about Taylor Mays, he did nothing in 10 games with the bengals.

Add on one of the best drafts we've had in a long time, with a 14 sack pass rusher popping up out of thin air, a RB that finally can give gore plays off without compromising drives, solid young db depth in culliver, solid OL depth in kilgore, bruce miller, ect.

But all in all, we knew this team was talented and singletary just wasn't using everyone the best possible ways, we just didn't know Alex could be so efficient and turnover free. I was sold on Harbaugh and trusted he could improve alex, but I didn't know he'd be this good, I thought he'd be disappointed by alex at some point and we'd see more of Kaep.
Originally posted by HessianDud:
Harbaugh's making everybody look foolish. Next up: Sean Payton.

Wyche was spot on. I think most of us were predicting 6-10 or around there.
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