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Soo umm who do you see NOT making it back with the Niners next season? Trade or Release?

Originally posted by CainanUK:

Alex Smith (agree with the free agency thing... someone is gonna show him crazy money)
Rachal (release)
Norris (I can also see Dixon moving to FB)
Madeiu Williams
Anthony Davis (trade bait!)

Even if that's true. What is Smith going to do? Take the money? Leave Harbaugh and then flop around like a fish like he did his first 6 seasons? Doesn't the guy have pride? Doesn't he want to win?
Nobody is going to pay him "franchise" quarterback money, including us.
I hope I am wrong.. I really do. But, I just have a little feeling deep down that someone is gonna offer him crazy money (Redskins or Miami) and if SF is only offering him fair market value, say something in the range of $3M a year, what's the guy supposed to do when someone is offering double that? I mean he is 7 years into his career. What's he got, mabey 5 left? Dude has to get bank for retirement, and who can blame him?
Alex is 27. See no reason why he can't play until he is around 35 unless he is unlucky. I think if we make him a fair offer over 4 years or so he will take it. Fortunately those who want to lowball or publicly embarass him with a silly offer don't work in our front office.
trade alex to the colts for a 1st round an draft luck lol kidding lol i think braylon edward could be gone by the end of this year.
Chilo and Ginn need to go.
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Who do you think we re-sign? Who gets cut loose?
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goldson and brooks may be let for more $$$
Carlos Rogers 2-3 Year deal. makes him 33
Donte Whitner Sign him as well
Dashon Goldson

^^ The above we need to replace but having them while polishing the rookies works well. And if we can get a top notch CB and then a Vet like Carlos Rogers for 2 years we will be alright until we may go Via Free agency again looking for then another compliment to our CB's like Culliver and hopefully another Stud

I personally like Dashon hes a ball hawk and Receivers play different when they know hes hawking them in the field, if youve been to a game you will definitly see that. Even if his price is a little steep i would take it but not BIG pay. However i think most fans if we let dashon go and dont get a viable replacement will realize how much we will instead miss him.

Our OLB's im sure we keep 1 attached with Aldon smith cause he will need breathers of course. (depth depth). Then we will still have our 2 Mid Linebackers. Bowman/Willis then Grant thrown in there still. Need to Keep MacDonald/Sopoaga.. Our 3-4 Front is great. And we have arguabley the best 3 Down lineman in the NFL. playing a 3-4 is alot different than a 4-3 and takes a different type of Lineman and we have them.

Thats our Defense for ya.

Offense. i say resign morgan for a 2year deal, nothing huge. Hes a good Donald Driver possession guy. But still he hasnt really ever broken out but as before we need depth and with how much we pass i havent expected a breakout from him anyways.. Ginn is still a great return man but we do have kendall hunter and as you have noticed Hunter has taken a few snaps back so that might be saying something, Anyways i still like the idea of Edwards/Crabs/Ginn/Williams and then finding maybe a WR in the draft.

Oline can speak for itself... We are #1 in Talent level picked in the draft for O-line Joe Staley? Sopoaga? Davis? All 1st rounders and i think we have another if im not mistaken not going to look ;) anyways.. im tired of upgrading the O-Line. that just needs to be coaches and with a good offseason our Staff will hopefully do it. Sopoaga and Davis are only in there 2nd years so im not ready to blow ANOTHER 1st round pick on a O-Lineman.

Anyways Thats my summary of not being the most educated and believe this will help us in the future plus Draft.
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Looking forward to the offseason when they are 10-3, and heading to the playoffs? LOL, this forum has gotten into bad habits from years of Erickson, Nolan & Singletary coached teams that were going nowhere every season.
i dont understand why people think whitner is a free agent. he signed a 3 year contract

hear baalke may go after dwayne bowe (he ranked him high in the draft that year)
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Originally posted by 49ersVic:
hear baalke may go after dwayne bowe (he ranked him high in the draft that year)

I doubt he still feels that way after the way he played and behaved this past year.
Norris is gone or should be

Edwards will not be resigned - we will draft a tall or speed wr in the 1st this upcoming draft.

I'd say a db or 2 will be let go but don't know who - think we go a cover corner in the 2nd this upcoming draft.
Brooks may be gone - don't know the money he will want is justified. Can Boweman play OLB? Could let Grant move into lineup besides Willis? If not, draft a guy in the 3rd.

Rachel is gone - we have Kilgore, Pearson and Boone waiting in the wings.
I aint even thinking that far ahead.
Edwards is toast - he won't be back. It will depend on how much $ Brooks wants; he has played solid but not spectacular.

We need a Wisconsin type of RG. See how ADavis improved when a quality back-up like Snyder came in next to him. He'll be even better w/ a top tier RG playing beside him.

We need better rotation players on the DLine. They are getting worn down. I don't know who will stay or go but someone will be gone if not two. The starters will all stay.

Alex will be resigned and I don't see us going after another QB. Kap and Tholzein will be developed.

Dashon will want too much $$ so I feel he'll move on.

I think we'll do the smart thing and resign Rogers at CB. We'll still need another solid CB
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