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Should 9ers rest Gore until Thanksgiving?

Originally posted by DJD:
Other than ONE single play this entire season I don't second guess anything this coaching staff does. So yeah the call on Frank playing this week I'll leave in their able hands. So given the choices in the survey here I guess it burns when I pee. Now if I could only remember what happened that night

was it the reverse to ted gin vs the browns? that's the one that made me scratch my head...
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Originally posted by rk1642:
I know Frank wont like it but I think you are right to say "let him sit out a few'.

We will need him down the stretch and in the playoffs at 100% if we are to make a run at the bowl.

I would like to see a combo of hunter and dixon on sunday
i say sit him UNLESS he is 150%, can fly, and gains the ability to conjure lightning from his mouth
Yes, rest Frank Gore even if he's medically cleared to play. Hell he said he was good to go after he injured his knee. Really Frank? Really? And if you watch that Hunter TD run, Gore doesn't get into the endzone....Hunter is lighting quick!! Hide his helmet if you have to, let's be smart, rest him for Ravens game.
Originally posted by susweel:

Originally posted by CUZO49:
I believe the 49ers can rest Gore for a week and still come out with victory over Cards.

Me too
Yes, I think it would be best. Dixon ran pretty well and of course so did Hunter. Hunter just looked so fast on his TD , I mean the acceleration he had after his 2 cuts from inside to outside then to the zone was phenomenal I think. We need The Tank for the Ravens and on...NINERS!!

Rest that fool until the playoffs.
We can't go into the game assuming that he's going to get hurt worse(if he plays). The coach's aren't dumb, he'll sit if they think he needs to sit. If he plays, I'm sure we'll still see quite a bit of Hunter, they won't take this injury lightly.

Now with that being said, I think Hunter and Dixon would be just fine right now if Gore were to sit and we wouldn't miss a beat in the run or pass game. IMHO
Ship Gore and Willis to Baltimore Thursday, Ship Alex and the entire starting O Line to Baltimore at half time. The rest of the team goes at the 2 minute warning.
Yes. He has taken a pounding and needs 1 week off. He will never admit it. But the team should do the right thing to keep him healthy over the long run which is more important. I think we can get past the next game without him.
We have got to keep this guy healthy for Ravens, Steelers, and playoffs. Kendall Hunter is ready and Dixon can mix in just fine. Rest our work horse for the 2 big games, besides Alex needs the work throwing the ball...

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