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Skip Bayless: "The 49ers WILL win remain unbeaten for the rest of the Season"

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Originally posted by ninerfan16:
Hope Skip is right. the Niners are 3rd in the latest power rankings.

That's the NFC power rankings and that dude still doesn't believe in Alex. Oh well in time he will
As much as this is supposively a passing league.. Passing yards dont always turn into wins. Scoring Points turns into wins to state the obvious.. but check out these stats :

Winning Teams throwing over 250 yds per game
wk 7 : 5 out of 8
wk 6 : 7 out of 11
wk 5 : 5 out of 10
wk 4 : 9 out of 17
wk 3 : 10 out of 18
wk 2 : 9 out of 15
wk 1 : 8 out of 18
Total : 53 out of 97 54.6% Win Percentage

Winning Teams with a RB with over 100yds per game

Wk 7: 7 out of 8 (only L AP vs GB)
wk 6: 7 out of 8 (Only L Fred Jackson vs Giants)
wk 5: 8 out of 11
wk 4: 7 out of 9
wk 3: 2 out of 4
wk 2: 4 out of 6
wk 1: 6 out of 7 (only L MTurner vs Bears)
Total : 41 out of 53 77.3% Win percentage (this is not including a teams combined rushing total over 100 yds just single players so very likely percentage is higher)

In conclusion, even though they say its a passing game and the 49ers dont pass alot and therefore might lose alot more games, As long as we consistently control the game via the run successfully and have a balanced passing game with very few mistakes it is very possible to win plenty of these games the rest of the season. QBs can throw for 350 all day and not win, as you can see 22.7% more games are won with a powerful run game than they are with a passing attack. Food for thought.
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As long as Alex scores TDs, I dont care how many yards he needs to throw.
Bayless has been dubbed "Clueless" by most of us up until now and he still is. As much as I'd love us to be 15-1 with a shot at home field advantage, that's the senile Skip talking.
Bayless is a fool. Any thing he says is ment to provoke, like saying the cowpokes will win the east. He's a over used blunt tool for ESPN.
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