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Skip Bayless: "The 49ers WILL win remain unbeaten for the rest of the Season"

Skip Bayless!!!
He said the week before that we would blow out the Lions. lol
I didn't watch the video, but thats crazy talk.
i would like for him to correct, but i'm certain that he's not.
I believe it.
This makes me uncomfortable.

But man...15-1. Holy s**t.
Not gonna happen but Im loving all the hype we are getting its been way too long since I've heard things like this about our team
smith read the wrong coverage

I think they're right.

It's very possible for us to go 15-1, but it's also very possible for us to go 11-5.

On one hand, we're finding ways to win, and that's a great intangible. Coupled with top-notch coaching, an improving offense, and a weak schedule, the sky is the limit for the team.

On the other hand, we DO have a weakness with the passing game. This is a passing league, and teams will begin to key in on the fact that we're a running team.

In my opinion, not specifically predicting any individual games, I think we're going to go 12-4, assuming no major injuries. I agree that the passing game hasn't been... dominant. But we're playing to our strengths (running offense, defense), and we're still improving our offense. I think 15-1 is a huge leap (certainly possible), but I think we're going to have a few eventual bumps in the road.

Those guys are goobers, one said that our schedule helped us out with our 5-1 record, one says we have to work on our turnovers going forward ect ect. Bunch of other small things that show they are not really aware of the details of the niner season so far.
That segment was mostly dominated by hate from that douchebag Richie and Mangini. But yeah, hearing Skip say that is kinda fun. It's not like he's a homer or anything. That's a Dallas guy through and through. 15-1 is kinda crazy talk though. More like 14-2.
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I definitely see 3-4 more potential losses... I like the love, considering he's usually a prick but still that's a little unrealistic
Originally posted by sincalfaithful:
Not gonna happen but Im loving all the hype we are getting its been way too long since I've heard things like this about our team

Yeah I agree undefeated the rest of the way yeah right ...there are a handful of games where it's difficult to
Get the intensity level pumped up... I'm worried about the trip 2 WAS
Good post. There will be some people like Bayless who are starting to see it come together and people like Ritchie who, to quote him, is "Smoke & mirrors." Let's just play the games and hope the clones on TV fess up to their predictions and comments when all is said and done and we're playing for the NFC Championship.
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