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You have been a 49ers fan since...

You have been a 49ers fan since...

1988 when I was 7. First starded watching as the season was coming to an end. Clearly remember beating the Bears for the NFC title and the Begals in the Super Bowl. There was 2 solid years where I really thought they were unbeatable. That was until the Giants came to Candlestick for the 1990 NFC title game. Talk about a shocking outcome. I thought a 3-pete was a given.
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Born in '80, first Halloween costume that my parents bought for me was the Joe Montana uniform and helmet, I'd wear it all the time. Family are rabid Niners fans. I can remember games from '85 out.

Jealous. They only sold Cowboys uniforms where I lived. Would have given anything to have a Montana uni back in the day.
1981 and a diehard ever since. I was 8 years old and they were playing Cincinnati in the regular season. I liked there uniforms and the rest is history!!
I can't remember if it was 56, 57, or 58. Dad took me to Kezar and I watched Y.A. Tittleplay QB for the Niners. A fan from then on.
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First game I ever remember watching. I was 9 years old. Sure I jumped on the bandwagon, but ive stayed there and faithful despite being across the country.

This! Exactly my story. I was born in 1980 and watched this with my cousin at my aunt's house, been hooked ever since. My aunt was a huge Niner fan, well, more so a Joe Montana fan but she still casually pulls for the Niners. After this game, an authentic Jerry Rice jersey was at the the top of my Christmas list until I finally got it.

Along with this I was raised to hate the Cowboys by my dad and gramps
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Since birth.... 1985... born into a 49ers glory years... and I was born in General Hospital in San Francisco how can I not be a fan.
came to the US from the overseas (Navy brat) in '88 (good era for Bay Area sports, A's & Niners were rockin', I was 5), I vaguely remember player intros to Super Bowl XXIV when the team DESTROYED the Broncos, remember Montana's last game vs Lions on MNF & the '92 and '93 losses to the Cowboys which started my HATE for them, but it was really the 1994 season that crystallized my love for the Niners 'cos I was a 6th grader who finally figured out the downs system in football and the that local team (grew up in Sunnyvale and I was amazed the practice facility was so close in Santa Clara) were so badass...Deion and the throwbacks were my memories from that year, but my favorite was finally spanking the cocky-ass Cowboy's ass (and in '95 as well when I threw out my voice on the opening Elvis->Rice TD. Tranferred my hate to the Packers and Favre, and then the St Louis (sadly not LA) Rams' GSOT. Hated the Cardinals for retiring Young too soon. Grew weary with Mooch and what I thought was soft playcalling (little knowing he would be the last good coach we'd have till this year). Remember the tail end of Eddie D's ownership of the team...that he had HIGH standards for the team and was worried when those standards were no longer enforced under his sister and York. Have patiently waited since '05 for the quick turnaround since the nadir of 2004 (2007 i thought was THE year ) but now I feel like this 2011 season so far is what it must've felt like in ' be on the groundfloor or threshold of great times ahead...
Originally posted by blunt_probe:
One of my first memories is watching Joe Montana march down the field to win SB XXIII, and I've been a niner fan ever since.

i got the same story. I think i was in 3rd grade
Born in '66 about a block from Kezar but didn't really start paying attention to football until the late '70s. I was more into baseball as a youngster and never played a single snap of organized football in school... well maybe some peewee flag football in grade school. But that was it.
I remember Plunkett getting traded to the hated Raiders and Joe being drafted. My Niner fandom grew over the years since. Now it's become an obsession.

I was a Raider's fan. I liked the 9ers...and was happy when they won the superbowl because they were a bay area team, but my heart was black and silver till Davis decided the team was going to LA. Been 100% Niners fan ever since.

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'79. Me and my cousins used to get into games in this program called Berkley Farms Jr. 49ers. Every touchdown and field goals we would take turns getting into this giant milk carton and jump up and down. It was pretty corny but the tickets where free. Great mermories.
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Originally posted by Jakemall:
I was a Raider's fan. I liked the 9ers...and was happy when they won the superbowl because they were a bay area team, but my heart was black and silver till Davis decided the team was going to LA. Been 100% Niners fan ever since.
I know a few people exactly like this. This is how some end up A's fans and Niners fans.
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The fall of 1979. I was 5 and going to see my Grandfather for the first time in California. We arrived on a saturday night and I ran straight for him giving him hugs. Sunday was sitting in fron to of the TV watching his 49ers play (can't remember who) and his disgust at losing yet again. Later that night he was rushed to the ER where he never recovered from his Heart Attack. I only knew him for less than 2 days but I upheld his support of my 49ers and noone can break that.....EVER!!!!
We were living in Florida at the time and I never left the east coast.

A very true and dear story to my heart.
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Was born in 88, early memories of me actually watching the niner games and knowing what was going on and wanting to wear niner gear was 94' and clearly remember us beating the boys to reach the super bowl and beating the chargers!
Since the late 80s as my extended family (uncles) were fans. First time I watched every game of the season was 1994, and it was a great year to be 15. No matter what happens the rest of my life I've seen my team win the Super Bowl from in a season I followed closely, so I'm happy.

But let's get another one.
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