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Isaac Sopoaga has a staph infection

Thats not good news, considering that we have to face Blount on Sunday. Our run game just got weaker. Remember when Josh Morgan got a staph infection a couple of years ago? The dude missed a buch of time and lost tons of weight. Hope that doesn't happen to Sopoaga.
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We have RJF and Dobbs... we're fine
that's a little worrisome. losing soap would hurt this defense pretty significantly. a solid NT is really the engine of an effective 3-4..i wonder if we'll use more four man fronts, maybe aldon smith gets more PT on early downs, moving ray/Jsmith inside? hope its better by end of bye week, tough games against washington and new york after
i wanna see dobbs and williams play
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You go anywhere near f**kin' Cleveland and someone will get staph infection. Motherf**kin' A
Yea this could be a huge loss. RJF and Williams will have to step it up.
Should have worn a condom
Hopefully they caught this early enough to minimize the impact. Based on what I've read it could be anything from a couple of days to a month. Thankfully it's not resulting from a surgical procedure, those sound like a real b***h.
This sucks

Ice was playing solid football

Well, lets see what Ian Williams and Dobbs can do

Originally posted by zainladha:
i wanna see dobbs and williams play

this +1
Originally posted by Frisco69ers:
Originally posted by zainladha:
i wanna see dobbs and williams play

this +1

Harbaugh saif only one of them will be active but both are competing this week for that chance
Guess I would rather see Williams get the nod, we will need big bodies to deal with Tampas running attack.

If we were playing a pass happy team I would rather have Dobbs , but Tampa ran on us hard last time, we cant let them pound the ball on us
Staph infections are gross. I feel dirty just reading about this.
First post don't kill me too bad but, Soap probably contacted from children's hospital in youngstown.
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