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***SF 49ERS VS. OAK RAIDERS GAMEDAY THREAD (Preseason Week 2)***

I watched Alex is play the games last night. Alex is doin good job for games but He is weak and problem that He can't throw the TD from 15 or 30 yards from close on TD that He was afraid because he was worry about other ints from him.. I want alex need creative the style plays the TD..
The blitz pick ups and protections last night were AWESOME. The Raiders did everything they could to rattle Smith the way the Saints did, but the OL and the backs and the tight ends all picked up their assignments perfectly. Awesome job and hope to see more growth and improvement into the all important 3rd preseason game next week.
I think the most accurate description you can give to Alex Smith's performance is to call it "solid." It wasn't great, but it wasn't bad either. He did what a decent NFL starting QB should do. It's really that simple.

If he can play at that level in the regular season, we should make the playoffs.
Alex played well, but we've seen him play well in spurts before. One of his issues is consistency. He needs to come out and play well for consecutive weeks.
Originally posted by SportsFan:
Anyone read the Harbaugh Q&A on the main page? He talked about the INT. Loved what he had to say. They talked about it and it is correctable and they will work on it in practice. When was the last time we heard that from a coach.

a small sign, but a good one...the one short pass to morgan, where smith hung in the pocket, went through hs progressions and then hit morgan for a short pass over the middle
when is this game being replayed
Originally posted by socalfan21:
when is this game being replayed

i believe its being replayed locally right now on channel 36 and channel 44--at least, according to my broadcast listing in San Jose.
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i heard there were fights during the game but people shot in the parking lot? wtf??
Little too conservative, but I know it's preseason. Hopefully that'll change.
promising, but we still need work...

Just watched that first-down play after DHB caught the long pass yesterday. Kevin Boss was widddde open, TWICE! He was open initially, then Goldson came over. Then Goldson stepped up for the sack leaving him wide open again. Any good QB would have completed that TD.

Got a question, should Goldson be staying with the TE or coming up for the sack? I would think with other's in the area, it would be wise to stay with the TE

Just sayin!

I still don't understand the 3 straight runs in the redzone. i understand that you can't give away your plays during preseason, but how much would it hurt to just let Smith throw a jump ball to Edwards in a goal to go situation?

I know it will be much different in the regular season, but those 2 red zone trips ending with just 3 points reminded me too much of the Sing days
Game will be re aired tonight on NFL Network. at 11pm EST.
I think too many fans become overly enamoured by big-name FA's...while some do as well as they did with their previous teams, many do not. Good scouting is crucial to bringing in good talent...between the guys Baalke drafted and the UDFA's they've signed, I think it's clear he and the scouts have a good eye for talent. FA flash doesn't necessarily equate to success, especially with a whole new coaching staff. Finding guys who can play and do several things well goes a long way toward building a team that can win. Guys like Edwards, Whitner, Williams, Goodwin, Bruce Miller, Kilgore, Hunter, Culliver, etc. are examples. Time will tell how they meld into the team, but I like what I'm seeing so far.
i was pleased. smith hung in, didn't stare down his receivers too much. defense looked beasty. blocking was improved. yiiiiiiiii!
The thing that set last night game apart for me is that I havent seen them control a game like that in years. It was honestly the first time in a long time that I was not worried throughout the whole game.
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