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Giving up my season tickets

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One down an infinite number of "Faithful" left to go.

Good riddance.


Ceader, That's really not fair. In my post I said I still will go to a few games a year. I'll also watch every game and root like hell for the niners. I really stretched my and my family's budget to get the season tickets. I got them so we could have great times together as a family at The Stick. The amount of times we've had to do the proverbial walk of shame after the game, kids sad, getting taunted by opposition fans is too much. I could use the money for a family vacation or something.

I am and always will be a niner fan for life. Just can't spend the 4k any longer to be sad and my kid's sad on football sundays. Honestly, that "Good Riddance" really hurt coming from a fellow niner fan.

don't explain yourself to that f'n idiot. I know he is a fellow I mean an Alex Fan, but either way his post shows what type of character he has.

your thread had nothing bashing the team, you were respectful, and you genuinely showed how hard this is for you. And then the idiot Kids of 9er talk want to just bash you without even trying to see it from your perspective.

Don't feel bad man, we are all helpless and have no control of the situation....we are forced to watch this head coach, "coach"...and yall know how I feel about Alex being forced down our throats. At least you are doing something about it financially.

edit- and I think this shows how I really feel for the people who go to the stadium. I reside in the beautiful city....and I could've been like "HEY NOOOOOO Don't do it" from a selfish perspective, cause that would mean I don't have to worry about blackouts...

but no, I feel for our fellow fans who have season tickets or just go to the stadium in general.

I agree this was a heart filled post. I sold my seats a few years back, I actually could not get people to go with me anymore. It was sad but it was reality.
1. Don't sell them to non inner fans bc they will buy beer to watch their team kick our ass making it profitable to the Yorks even if we lose

2. Sell it to niners fans who can still yell loud but get wasted In the tail gate and not buy beer in the stadium.
I feel the same way. I can no longer pay for a product that lacks quality. I am thinking about giving up my rights as well. Sad but I think this is the best thing for me financially and spiritually...these guys r breaking my balls and my wallet!
As sad as it is, I'm probably giving up my tickets too. I can't get anyone to go with me anymore, and even though I go by myself, and eat my second ticket, I just don't want to pay for this crappy team anymore. I know a bunch of people that sit around me are saying the same thing. Get ready for blackouts next year. That's the only reason I'm not for sure getting rid of them. But I'm beginning to think there has to be something better to do on Sundays that watch this team on T.V. I've been a fan through some really bad times in the 60's and 70's, but I've never been THIS disillusioned.
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It's funny how some people, especially those who don't even purchase season tickets, are equating renewing season tickets with being a "real" fan. Obviously the OP is a real fan. He's following the team to another hemisphere for God sakes.

I might not cancel my season tickets if I had them, but that's not my call to make for someone else. Even if you are paying for season tickets, you can't question someone as a fan because they decide to discontinue their tickets. It's easy to understand someone may want to stop giving such a huge investment in this product. Believe it or not, you can cancel your tickets and still be a fan and root for them on TV like most fans.

And some of you need to stop with the calling fans who disagree with you a "fairweathe" fan crap. If someone is still here with this team after all these years, they're fans. The weather hasn't been fair in years so that word is simply stupid to use around here.

Amen. Like the way people automatically flame someone who thinks the team would be a good fit for LA. Somehow they're not "real" fans.
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hahahahaahaahahaaha look at Nene

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