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"Total Failure"

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After Alex over threw Norris by 600 hundred yards, we looked completely clueless. Patience is just about to the end with Alex.

Didn't the ball go through Moran's hands?

Yeah, through his hands out of reach. Shag couldn't have catch that ball

Norris was WIDE open. Alex threw it high and it would have required a leaping catch. I think its on Alex if hes asking a 250lb FB to make that catch for him.

The more important question you should ask is why is a 250 lb FB the play call on 4th and 1 when he is not familiar with running routes or catching the ball? At the same time when we have Crabtree and Davis out there...

whats with that s**t formation with two tightends and ginn as the wr...having crabtree and morgan out on 4th down is f**king stupid.

p.s. i'm in seattles airport about to stab somebody

over thrown
Im beyond frustrated with this loss! I cant stand Jimmy Raye and his boring play calling... I hope this isnt a season preview! I dont put it all on Smith but some of his poor decisions and throws killed us, he has to go no matter what...
I think the rams and raiders are playing better than us. He'll, I think we were the worst team in week 1.
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Load swallowing
Originally posted by smithgdwg:
I think the rams and raiders are playing better than us. He'll, I think we were the worst team in week 1.

between us and the cleveland tampa bay game idk

Originally posted by InconvnientTruth:
the key play was a BS holding call on clements when he was the one being held. if he isnt held its a pick 6 and 13-0 niners, or they punt it cuz it was 3rd down. instead they get an automatic first down, score later in the drive, go up 7-6. crabtree misses a pass and it goes into their hands. they go up 14-6 then it seems like everyone on the team just gives up.

You are so right on!

The f*ck*ng bribed referees in Seattle definitely cost us momentum, if not the game. There really ought to be a way to challenge obviously bullsh*t calls. The refs take payoffs and there is already an anti-49er bias throughout the league; it makes it easier to find refs who will take big payoffs to make calls against the 49ers.

Sing promised he would not argue with refs about bad calls this year, but there really ought to be a way to get bad calls overruled!

This loss was bullsh*t!

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It's truly just another big disappointment to swallow once again ------ It is a lousy way to start the season , tied with the Rams.
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reality check
What the f**k happened? I'm so f**king pissed!!!
f**king pathetic
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