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"Total Failure"

One word - Putrid.
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Originally posted by kstolai:
Bad coaching

I like this too.
Projectile Vomiting.
I'm not embarresed at all. I knew we were perfectly capable of this.

~ Our O line is full of rookies.
~ Crabtree doesn't practice and doesn't know his routes.
~ Our coaching staff has always been overrated.
~ Our QB situation is questionable.
~ Our secondary was toast most of last year, the preseason this year and it continues now into the regular season.

We are flat out overrated. I originally thought 11 - 5 but this team is capable of 4 - 12 or worse.
Originally posted by Hollywood:
Originally posted by tokash620:
Originally posted by bigmike55:
Alex Smith sucks.

Alex started off very well but then as usual, the play calling go conservative inside the 20. You keep this offense in a rhythm, they are as good as any offense out there.

I keep hearing this "vanilla playcalling" argument. It's hardly Jimmy Ray's fault when Alex refuses to throw it more than 5 yards downfield. He looks at 1 receiver, then looks for Gore or whoever is coming out of the backfield to dump it off. On the rare occasion he throws down the field, it's off target.

I agree with you on that one. need more downfield passes for positive yardage. I also think that the 2 call to Norris were terrible, but the pass could have been better. I just want to win.
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Can't wait for the Sing presser. Are we supposed to believe anything that monkey says
Who Dat???

(Cuz This Is A Joke Compared To Whats Gonna Happen Next Week Against The Saints!!! :-).......)
I actually have been more embarrassed and that was the Arizona Monday night game when they lost due to bad clock management and lack of a solid gameplan and thats what it looked like today again. As a fan who is not quick to jump ship, we are running out of excuses for performances like this.

The NFC West is probably the only division where you can get yourself 6 wins if you run the table against all these rebuilding teams. To lose 1 of them and to lose the way they did, looks real bad. Throwing passes to high, missing tackles, jumping routes only to get beat over the top by the db's. And that was just the 1st half.

Alex Smith is not the answer. He isn't the full reason they lost, but after all the press during training camp he got for having turned over a new leaf as the leader and demanding more from the guys in the huddle, he looked like the same old guy who shrivels up like swimming pool d1ck when he got behind on the scoreboard. Hope things change soon or else, we're screwed.
butt sex

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2011 draft
reality check
Don't know what to write , i am sick
Having Alex as our QB excuse after another why he can't do it
having a D coach run our team
We are full of talent but have two things that are working aginst us look above !

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Is this the hyped team , the "Faithful" were looking for this season. The team that faced Seattle could've lost a nail-biter to a local high school team. Alex Smith was just abysmal!!!. The team needs to jump in the Carr, before it's too late!!! The defense was playing pretty well early on, but fell asleep in the end. Is Nate Clements not the most overrated, predictible $80M corner, in the NFL. Where did his talent go?! I have too admit that I got a little caught up in the talk about a weak division, this year, but this drubbing by the 'Hawks has me fearing .500!!! The Saints are coming in next week...AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH.
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