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Article says 49ers will finish LAST in the NFC West

An article like this shows is an "I wish" type of view from a non-fan, but also serves as a reminder...The 9ers look extremely good on paper. They have a lot of talent, but they have to prove it on the field. The positive hype does worry me where some players might take their press clippings too much to heart and not bother with the physical and mental preparation for the next game.
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i would die

Me too, I think!!

Im still argueing with my wife about last years game against the Vikings, when she said I cried after 'the miracle'

I advise you to break her sh*t and then go get drunk
We can run the ball 99% of the time and still get to six wins... hell it got us 3 wins out of 6 games last year and almost led to beating the vikes. The article forgets to "film study" the fact we went 5-1 in the division? Sh*t thats almost six right there.

What they say about Brooks is pretty funny too, I understand that might be the most realistic stat they point out, but what if, just what if... the guy is actually good and punching the ball out when sacking the QB, weird right?

They also fail to take into statistical analysis that Snyder was the worst RT in the league last year... so how does taking the tackle with the most upside in the draft (besides Okung) translate into a worse line? at least Davis can run block.

These are the types of services that make 100 bold predictions and then point to the 10 that were actually correct at the end of the year... ruh-tarded. Doesnt even take into account that the worst team in the league last year has a rookie QB? How does that give them 5 more wins, when our rookies count against us. Again Ruh-tarded!
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They made valid points. Team just has to hit the field and prove doubters wrong.


Stranger things have happened. I agree that the offense is still HIGHLY suspect. HIGHLY. Even offense during camp hasn't been smooth, not to mention injuries that have unsettled the offensive line.

They're right; the 49ers don't have an offensive identity. They can't decide if they're going to run or pass. They haven't decided if they're going to be a traditional offense or shotgun. I think they would be more well served in trying to create a viable hybrid. However, Jimmy Raye doesn't strike me as being the creative type.

The 49ers haven't arrived and anyone should have buyer beware on this offense.
That could happen except for the Rams. So 3rd is possible. Our QB is inconsistent and our O Line is very young and there will be mistakes. Plus we don't have a premier pass rusher. #1 in the NFC West is far from a given.
Meh, who cares? They're made to look like fools just about every year with some of their boneheaded predictions.

What this season decides for me is whether or not AS is worth anything. I know many have made up their minds on this issue but for me it's always been for this kid to have some continuity, a decent line and some weapons. He has continuity, weapons but his line is shaky at the moment. 2 out of 3 is enough. Any good QB in this league can succeed with 2 out of those 3 ingredients.

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my favorite part is how he thinks the rams are gonna win 6+ games
Yeah & these clowns picked the Lambs last year to be the powerhouse's in the NFC WEST last year??????

hahahaha they must want more viewers to go to there pathetic website



Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
That could happen except for the Rams. So 3rd is possible. Our QB is inconsistent and our O Line is very young and there will be mistakes. Plus we don't have a premier pass rusher. #1 in the NFC West is far from a given.

You can say all those negative things about every team in our division, our running back depth and overall defensive talent is better than all other nfc west teams, we'll win it if alex doesnt lose it, thats what it comes down too

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I guess (the 49ers) need to shut these punks up.
Alex has to start doing well against good teams. Their statistics are corrrect in that he only had respectable games against lousy defenses. I do not think we are playing any more great defenses than last year, but he is going to have to excel this year to beat the better teams...
At first I was like . then I was . Then I realized that these articles are and , so I just !

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BAHAHAHAHAHA and both the Saints and Colts will go 0-16 this year.
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“There’s no statistical evidence that having the same coordinator makes a difference,’’ Bill Barnwell, the managing editor for the site, said in a phone interview. “Anecdotally, it makes sense, but if it’s the same group that isn’t good enough, I don’t know if it really makes a difference.”

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