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Article says 49ers will finish LAST in the NFC West

not 2nd not 3rd but LAST behind the Rams

I really wonder how some of these sport writers have jobs
haha that would certainly be upsetting

Im not really sure how based on film study and a formula we only win six games.
Also, what six games do that rams win haha.

I consider myself a realist and arent giving the niners the division but im also not giving them 6 wins.

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Thats why they play the games
If this happens they will have to send a decontamination squad into Niner Talk.
I can't really argue with their facts; but, if win/loss records could be accurately calculated, there would be no reason to actually play out the games...

BTW No way we go 6-10...
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The good news for 49ers fans? Because of their willingness to think outside the box, Football Outsiders is sometimes spectacularly wrong. A year ago, for example, they pegged the St. Louis Rams as the heavyweights in the NFC, which was like concluding that the Washington Generals were statistically due to beat the Harlem Globetrotters. The Rams went 1-15. “That one kind of makes me cringe,’’ Barnwell said.

LMAO. I don't think these guys even take themselves seriously.

To be fair, we are absolutely NOT a lock to win the NFC West. It will take a lot of hard work to get it done. We have the potential though, and the talent.

Someone said "that's why they play the games". That statement cuts both ways.
I guess that's why they're called "football OUTsiders"!?
last place in the NFC West
Originally posted by Thrash88:
last place in the NFC West

And the Rams were to be the 2009 NFC powerhouse team...

I didn't read the article because it seems like a waste of time. The only way happens is if you guys just get destroyed with the injury bug this year.
Talk about STUPIDITY! Even if people absolutely hate the Niners, what kind of morons doesn't notice that the majority of sports writers believe the Niners will WIN the division. Their flawed logic = FAIL...miserably!

Edit: And ARZ will have 9+ wins? LOL! Not with Leinart as their QB.

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Football Outsiders is very statistically based and is interesting to read. They are often wrong but are not afraid to go out on a limb. They also predict this year that Dallas and New Orleans will do worse than expected and that KC will be a lot better. Their ratings for fantasy football are worth looking at.
LOL, this cheered me up! what a laugh!
Originally posted by English:
If this happens they will have to send a decontamination squad into Niner Talk.

This + the economy would probably cause some suicides.
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