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Article says 49ers will finish LAST in the NFC West

They should kill themselves.
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I count 2 wins for the Rams, and those 2 wins happen to be @ detroit, and @ tampa. So they may very well go 0-16. A rookie qb, persisting questions on the offensive line, a barren wasteland of a defense, and a roster composed of only one guy who's ever been to a pro bowl when the rest of the 31 teams have at least 4.

If everything goes right for them I still can't see that equaling the same amount of wins that we have if everything for us goes wrong. Hell if we just stop fumbling inside of our own 20 and on the goal line once a game we can have all those things go wrong and still win 7 games.

A gutted roster in the middle of an ownership change gets the benefit of doubt, but all of the pro bowl freaks we've collected isn't good enough to talent our way to 3rd place in a division so weak they have the leinart cardinals taking it with 9.

Then there's this: "Alex Smith’s numbers are deceptive. Smith established a career high with 18 TDs and an 81.5 quarterback rating, but Barnwell argues that he did it against “pretty much every weak defensive team.”"

Did the guy look at our schedule. We have 3, maybe 4 teams on our schedule with a defense that doesn't have a chance to be considered weak (NO, Phi, GB, SD). So that's a moot point as far as i'm concerned when 3/4ths of your schedule isn't against defensive juggernauts.

Don't get me wrong, they bring up valid points, but we've had far worse teams than this get to 7 wins, and for me to buy into this, they'd have to have the rams at 0.4 wins.

The underlying issue with this team was never brought up. Stupid fumbles at stupid times to put us in holes early in games, stupid interceptions mostly off tipped passes by the d line or the wrs late in games when we're down by 1 score or less, and even stupider penalties taking away huge gains, tds, or just flat out ending drives before they start.

We had the worst O line in the league maybe the last 2 years, inconsistent to incompetent qb play, we've never had an offensive identity, and still managed to win 7 and 8 games.

So we regress by 2 games, falling behind the worst team in the league, because of the same factors that kept us barely out of the playoffs the last 2 seasons are now enough to dump us completely out of even thinking about the playoffs?

Alright I had to get that off my chest.
I wouldnt be surprised
They made valid points. Team just has to hit the field and prove doubters wrong.
Originally posted by lamontb:
They made valid points. Team just has to hit the field and prove doubters wrong.

even still, its laughable that we would finish behind the rams, even if the Seahawks and ARZ had amazing seasons
Interesting read. I WISH I could place a bet and get odds that we'll finish ahead of the Rams. But the other statistic guys, the one's in the casinos, won't touch it.
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YYYYYYEEEEEAAAAAHHHHH RRRRRIIIIITTTEEEE and Brandon Jones is going to be resigned and remain healthy............NOT!!!!!
What is silly about this article (and others that I have read that talk about how we are over-hyped and will not be a good team), is that their statistics and reasoning are skewed to give them the result that they want.

They basically state that all of the good/potentially good aspects of our team from a year ago were misleading and not indicative of our actual talent (ie. the defense, running game, etc.). Then they will turn around and say that the negative aspects of our team are reasons for our medicrity and proof that we will continue to struggle (ie. QB uncertainty, OL line from last year, return game, etc.)

Someone could also take the opposite approach and say that our negative aspects from a year ago should be improved and our positive aspects should stay the same or be even better.

Rather then taking the evidence to come to a conclusion, they basically came to a conclusion and then tried to prove it.

Let's just hope they are wrong.
i would die

They could be right, they could be wrong. I hope they are wrong but it depends on how the QB plays.
Originally posted by Daniel2778:
i would die

Me too, I think!!

Im still argueing with my wife about last years game against the Vikings, when she said I cried after 'the miracle'
I loled
The basic problem for FO, and I think they'd admit it, is that they have to ignore qualities that can't be measured, or hope that these un-measurable quantities are reflected in other numbers. But there are no numbers for 2010 yet. So what they are really telling us at this point in time is how the 2009 Niners would do in 2010.

If Alex Smith has a breakout year, FO will then come out and say "Alex Smith's 2010 season is the first evidence that continuity in offensive coordinators has a measurable benefit."

That's the way the FO thing actually works. They typically admit that their predicative powers are very limited. What they do very well is use long periods of analysis to show that basic assumptions about NFL football can be very wrong.
That was the biggest crock of s**t i ever read.
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